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Religious people and wars

Guest Adnan

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The three main religions with Middle East roots are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moses came 1000 years before Jesus while Mohammed came some 600 years after Jesus.


The Jews refuse to recognize Jesus and Christianity. And Christians don't recognize Islam or Mohammed. However, Christians started to flirt with Judaism while Islam recognized both Judaism and Christianity. As a matter of fact, there is no event mentioned in the Torah (Talmud) or in the Bible that have not been cited in the Koran. Naturally, these events had undergone some updating due to lack of credible documentation. As an example, in Islam, God didn't get married or have children although Jesus was a result of his spirit.


Mohammed's first wife Khadijah was a Christian so was her uncle, Nawfal, credited to be the first teacher of Mohammed. Mohammed had also married an Ethiopian Christian, Mary. For this reason one finds Muslims with names like Moses, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Abraham, Michael, Johannes...etc. But no Christian or Jew is named Mohammed.


All religions aim at producing good human beings living in peace with their neighbors. But religious people became tribal and territorial fighting wars just like in the primitive old days. Even the Christians, who pretend to follow Jesus message of love and forgiveness, have been launching wars and killing people. The American Christians, had exterminated the natives and enslaved the blacks. The Americans have also killed close to three million Buddhists and communists in Vietnam; while continue to attend mass at churches. Catholic Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews. President G.W. Bush claimed to have talked to God before launching the destructive war on Muslim Iraq (Babylon) in 2003. The Panzers and infantry men were blessed by devout Israeli Rabbis before the onslaught on Gaza in 2008. At this moment, most of the killings on earth is carried out directly or indirectly by USraeli war mongers.


The Arab armies under the banner of Islam occupied territories up to Spain fighting and killing all those who resisted them. The present resistance to USraeli occupations of Arab and Muslim lands is led by Muslim fundamentalists justifying and glorifying suicide attacks. In other word, religions and educational institutions have failed humanity. We are to be blamed for allowing greed and crooked politicians to use religion(s) in order to launch wars. But I see hope in the future since the American occupy Wall Street Movement started to identify those behind all the current wars; the Christian politicians led from the nose by Jews.


Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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