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Maryland's 8th District Gop Candidate Chuck Floyd


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I like this guy!! Chuck Floyd has guts, It's about time we caught the Dems Napping. I for one am giving the www.floydforcongress.com a donation. Their phone number is 301-656-1313


Van Hollen Is Caught Off Guard; Name Is Used by Foe's Web Sites


The GOP candidate for Congress from Maryland's 8th District says it was an opportunity he couldn't let pass. But incumbent Rep. Chris Van Hollen said Charles R. Floyd's Web sites represent "a new low for politics in this area."


Repeating a tactic he used against his Republican primary opponent this year, Floyd bought three Internet domain names with Van Hollen's name and turned them into Web sites carrying unflattering comments about the freshman congressman's record.


Floyd said Van Hollen should have seen it coming.


"I feel if the congressman doesn't have the foresight to buy up certain domain names with his name, does he deserve to be in Congress?" asked Floyd, a retired military officer and State Department employee. "It was up for grabs, so I bought it."








Van Hollen enjoys a large fundraising edge.

(Excerpt from the washingtonpost.com ...)


Let’s show this guy some support.

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Guest Rebecca Weisberger

It is incredible the levels of contempt towards Israel and Jews in this country one Chris Van Hollen will stoop to. This man makes Jim Moran a steadfast friend of Israel compared to him. Do we want this man in Congress?


I am appalled that this man will coddle terrorists, agree with statements blaming Jews for US intervention in Iraq. I wonder if Mr. Van Hollen will start quoting from The Protocols from the Elders of Zion and show his true colors.


Never again do we want someone like that representing my district.

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