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A lot of people email me and ask me "is this a good business" , or "what can I start from home on a low budget" or "I've tried this & that but have not been successful".


So, today - I am going to share my criteria for the absolutely best business you can be part of... one that is about to explode on the Internet like nothing you've seen before. This is an opportunity I feel perfectly comfortable attaching my name to. Its stable. There's no downside and I can help hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals and families increase their monthly incomes.


The company has the following important things going for it...


- NO retailing (most people HATE selling)

- NO delivering or handling products

- NO big up-front investment (less than a $30 startup fee)

- NO complicated paperwork

- NO breakaways

- And NO risk


When I sat down and wrote this list, I took a STEP FURTHER ...

I want even MORE out of a company. They also needed to have the following features.


- Unique and consumable products

- A HIGH reorder rate

- A LOW attrition rate

- A track record of success

- NOT a ground floor opportunity

- A chance to increase your Income (Part Time or Full Time)

- And a low initial investment


MOST IMPORTANTLY - I wanted a company that prints ANNUAL INCOME STATISTICS, highs, lows, and averages and the AMOUNT OF TIME it takes to reach those levels....


Assuming I could find the a perfect match (which I have), then in order to be successful I needed one more thing. I needed a TEAM of individuals in my group who were already successful themselves (i.e.. our group makes way more than the best Full time Income jobs could pay us!).


Individuals who could show you how the money is made and help you show others how to achieve the kind of success they've been chasing for years.


I'm thrilled to tell you that I've finally put all those elements together. I always keep my mind open to other opportunities and this one I cannot pass up... and I wanted to share it with my most dedicated visitors. I want you on MY team.


If you would like to receive more information on this opportunity, please visit:


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