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Adult Sex Toy Parties-passion Parties By Stacy

Guest Stacy Huggins

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Guest Stacy Huggins

Becoming a Passion Parties Consultant is more than a good idea, it can change your life!! And I can't wait to tell you more !!



The Passion Parties® opportunity!


Own Your Own Business!

Set Your Own Hours!

Be Your Own Boss!

Take Charge of Your Future!

Achieve Your Dreams!


Our company is built on the solid foundation of a superior product line, a generous compensation plan and a devoted team in the home office, dedicated to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a previous customer or party hostess, or if you have no experience with Passion Parties, our system is designed to ensure your success.


Reap the Passion Parties Rewards!


Earn up to 40% on personal sales

Earn up to 10% additional payout through CASH bonuses on personal sales

Earn CASH bonuses on every new personal recruit who places a qualified order

Earn up to 5% overrides on the sales of your recruits, three levels deep

Earn $400 monthly Car Allowance

Earn $3,000 per quarter through our Home Award Bonus

Earn trips to exotic locations

Earn valuable jewelry, prizes, and awards

Earn recognition for your achievements


Passion Parties presents carefully selected products for sensuality, intimacy, and passion. The parties are informational, educational and fun. Our parties are intended for women and their guests in the privacy of their own homes. We feature lotions, sensuous products, lingerie, adult toys, books and games that help enhance intimate relationships.




"Feet On The Street" Promotion - September 1 through November 30, 2004

Increased buying discounts on select kits as indicated below.


Getting Started


Passion Starter Demo Kit

Value $266

Your Cost $100

Buying Discount 25% until November 31, 2004 10% thereafter


**Promo buying discount is permanent and locked in if you sign on before 11/30/2004-will never change**


Passion Fantasies Pac #1

Value $ 636.00

Your cost $ 250.00

Buying discount 40% until November 31, 2004 25% thereafter


**Promo buying discount is permanent and locked in if you sign on before 11/30/2004-will never change**



Romantic Moments Pac #1

Value $ 636.00

Your cost $ 250.00

Buying Discount 40% until November 31, 2004 25% thereafter


**Promo buying discount is permanent and locked in if you sign on before 11/30/2004-will never change**



Passion Fantasies Pac #2

Value $ 1,054.00

Your cost $ 450.00

Buying Dicount 40%



Romantic Moments Pac #2

Value $ 1,054.00

Your cost $ 450.00

Buying Discount 40%


****Kit contents will be noted below****


It is so easy to start! Passion Parties provides an opportunity for every woman to realize her potential as an independent business owner. The Demo Kit you choose will determine your future Buying Discount.


Your Passion Pac contains everything you need to get you started in your own Passion party business! Regardless of size, every Passion Pac includes the following.


Training video on our products and demonstration.

Sales aids and training manual, including order forms, hostess letters, and catalogs!


Success is as Easy as 1-2-3!


First, start by completing the Passion Consultant Agreement and ordering your Passion Pac. Take advantage of the great values offered, and whichever Passion Pac best suits your needs. Passion Pacs provide you with a professional start to your business.


Second, complete your 90-Day Goal Plan with your sponsor either in person or over the phone. Together you can map out your business plan, creating a solid foundation for your growth.


Third, think of who you know who would like to have an opportunity to have her dreams come true. When you personally sponsor other Consultants, you truly understand what that our business is about helping others.



Now You Can Decide When Payday Is


It's every day you have a party! With Passion Parties, you can decide when you want to work, and just how much you want to earn.


No experience is required. Passion Parties provides the training and support to help you develop a successful business of women helping women.


Our goal is to teach women about sensuality through in-home parties by delivering tasteful and informative presentations by trained and knowledgeable distributors.


In addition, my new consultants receive:

100 personalized Biz cards

Name tag

Self ink stamper

Shared party and consultant leads

24/7 personal support from myself, upline and yahoo groups with over 1000 other Passion sisters.


Click onthe links below or copy and paste these into your browser for an inside look at Passion Parties!


1. http://www1.passionparties.com/CAP/PDF/PP-SUCES.PDF

2. http://www1.passionparties.com/CAP/pip/2004/1004.pdf

3. http://www1.passionparties.com/CAP/PDF/PASS_AP.PDF




If you are not in my immediate area, dont worry! I can still help you out. And I still need you! I am in search of new consultants in all of the US and Canada.




Remember the promotion above has a higher buying discount that will be locked in IF you sign on before 11/30/2004. If you sign on after that date the lower buying discounts will apply. So get started today!!


PLUS-Sign on before 10/16/2004 and:


Save $10 on the Starter Kit

Save $20 On Passion and Romantic Pak #1

Save $30 on Passion and Romantic Pak #2


Now, that you've had a glance at Passion Parties when would you like to start?


Stacy Huggins

Passion Parties Team Manager

Consultant Id# 17358

Home: 410-674-6962

Cell: 410-562-4140

Email: stacyztoybox@hotmail.com

Web: www.stacyztoybox.com

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