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Guest DC News Desk

From John Edwards point of view:


Kerry and Edwards will tell the American People and the World the truth. So Americans can trust and follow the United States foriegn policy.


On Iraq:


90% of casulties and money is payed by the American citizens. $200 Billion dedicated to the war in Iraq. A good portion of the money is going to the Vice President's former company Halberton. We must focus on the people that attacked us. We have a plan for Iraq. We need to possibly train the Iraqis out of the country. Success the brings contributions from foreign nations. There is no connection between 911 and Sadaam Hussain. Americans are being beheaded. America does not have enough troops in Iraq and not enough plan.



On Terrorism:

The Bush administration oppossed the 911 Comission. The Bush administration first opposed Homeland Security. Later they supported it. Collen Powell and Rumsfield have publically stated there is no connection between Osama Bin Laden and Iraq. John Kerry will defend this country. Afganistan is still under the control of drug lords and local warlords. We should have killed Osama in Tora Bora. Iran is more dangerous today with its nuclear program. We need to strengthen sancion's of Iran. There are 60 countries with connections with Akida. Kerry plans to find and kill Terrorist, stop nuclear proliferation, strengthened the troops, and build health care. Kerry went with John McCain in Vietnam. Lead by building a strong collition. Need a unified terrorist watch list.


On Halliburton:

Halliburton is like Enron. Read PDF



On Isreal:

Isreal has the right and obligation to defend its people. Isreal has no partner to protect themselves.


On Cheney's voting record as a Senator:

Cheney voted against the Department of Education, Martin Luther King's holiday, detectors for plastic guns.


On Employment:

1.6 million jobs have been lost. 4 million Americans are now in poverty. Get rid of tax cuts for companies that outsource their jobs. Americans cannot afford 4 more years of Bush Cheney experience.


On Economy:

We are facing the biggest fiscal downfall in American history. We are going rollback tax cuts for people that make over 200,000 a year. For American that make less than $200,000 keep the tax cuts. Cut the deficit in half. John Kerry has authored and voted for more than 600 tax cuts. A millionare pays less in taxes than a soldier fighting in Iraq.


On a Gay Marriage:

We should not use the constitution to legalize gay marriage. Kerry and Edwards believe Marriage is between a man and a woman. Kerry and Edwards wants to put more responsibility on the trial lawyers, but still protect the injured.


On Health Care:

We have double digit inflation in Health Care. We have a serious health care plan. We need tort reform. 45 million American have no health care coverage. Edward pledges to keep people safe and tell the truth.


On Social Security

Bush promised to put aside 2 trillion dollars aside for Social Security. Bush failed that promise.


On Education:

One third of public schools are failing. One half of African Americans and Latinos are falling out. Teachers are being laid off.


On Health Care:

We will allow prescription drugs to be imported from Canada. Bush Cheney sided with the Drug and Insurance companies. John Kerry and John Edwards will be for the American people.



The light is flickering in the country. Bush and Cheney don't see it. John Kerry and Edwards believe they can do better.


From Dick Cheney's point of view:


Cheney thinks John Kerry judgement is flawed. He does not question his patriotism. He does not display the qualities of person with conviction. When they faced pressure from Howard Dean's anti war rhetoric, Kerry and Edwards did not support troop body armor. No consistancy. Kerry and Edwards have no plan, just an echo.


On Iraq:

Our most important allie Iraq, Kerry mocked when its President came to Washington. Kerry and Edwards do not support Iraq's troops.


On Halliburton:

FactCheck.com shows there is no substance in Haliberton. FactCheck.com domain is redirecting to GeorgeSoros.com. The web site states:


We are as surprised as anyone by this turn of events. We believe that Vice President Cheney intended to direct viewers to FactCheck.org.


On Sen. John Edward's Attendance in the Senate:

Senator Edward's hometown newspaper of calls him "Senator Gone." Cheney, head of the Senate, has never seen Senator Edwards until this debate.


On Education:

We need a better tax policy and have a first class public schools. The no child left back act raises standards.


On Employment:

We have 1.7 new million new jobs. We make permanent tax cuts for Americans.


On Gay Marriage:

The President does not support same sex marriage.


On Medicare:

The reason why medicare has increased is a law supported by John Kerry in 1997. This same loophole was used by Edwards when he was in the Private sector as a lawyer. We provide Senior citizens up to $1,200 a year.


On Terrorism:

Cheney only agenda is Bush's agenda. George Bush has the conviction to win this war in terrorism. Is convinced that the terrorist threat is very real.


On Iraq:

We look to our Commanders to put in more troops. If you do not put Iraqis into the effort the time will for troops to stay in America will be longer. There are some Democrats that believe in our approach. Democrat, Zoe Miller agrees with Bush. We cut taxes and continue to provide more jobs for Americans.


On Social Security

We will preserve Social Security.



The only viable option to winning the war on terrorism is to follow President Bush's plan. I am confidant that we can do it.

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Guest Jon Detmer

Even as one of the nation's best trial lawyers, Edwards could not explain the inexplicable - the deficiencies of Kerry's record. Edwards failed as a credible advocate for John Kerry last night and Dick Cheney proved that substance will always trump spin. There's no evidence that John Kerry has any convictions - despite Edwards' best attempt at political spin.


Every time Edwards had an opportunity to explain John Kerry's record to the American people, he chose to attack the Vice President, and his low moment came 40 minutes into the debate when a befuddled-looking John Edwards latched onto Halliburton - a political attack proven false by the nonpartisan FactCheck.org. Read the article here: www.FactCheck.org/article.aspx?docid=261.


In Edwards' defense, he was put in the position of defending the indefensible. He didn't get to pick John Kerry; John Kerry picked him.


Vice President Cheney won the debate last night and these quotes sum it up best:


"So they, in effect, decided they would cast an anti-war vote, and they voted against the troops. Now, if they couldn't stand up to the pressures that Howard Dean represented, how can we expect them to stand up to Al Qaeda?"


"I'm up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they're in session. The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight."

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Guest John Kerry

We're two for two. Tonight, in Cleveland, John Edwards showed real strength and conviction -- he was in command of the facts and in control of the debate and a powerful advocate for John Kerry. The American people saw John Edwards as somebody who is ready, if neccessary, to be president of the United States.


Dick Cheney is totally out of touch with reality in Iraq and totally out of touch with the struggles of the middle class. This is nothing new to a man with a lifetime record of protecting the powerful and well-connected. He came across as smug, arrogant, mean and defensive -- but his trademark distortions and scare tactics didn't work. John Edwards refused to let him play the politics of fear and forced Dick Cheney to confront his administration's record of failure.


Americans are tired of growls and scowls from our leaders, and John Edwards and John Kerry offer America hope and optimism.


The Bush-Cheney campaign is already trying to spin the debate. I am here in Cleveland, right now, working to make sure that doesn't happen. Tonight my job is going to be a lot easier than my Republican counterparts for three reasons. First, John Edwards is our candidate for vice president, second Dick Cheney is theirs, and third I know that you are going to join me in this critical fight.

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No Winner As Cheney, Edwards Battle In Vice-Presidential Debate

....Radio Free Europe


No clear winner in Cheney-Edwards debate

...CTV.ca News Staff


"John Edwards is not a youngster," said McGovern. "He's what, 50 years of age, and I think he'll demonstrate he has the qualities of leadership."

...Former US Senator George Mcgovern (D-SD)


“Which nominee do you think is more qualified to be president?” fifty-one percent said, “John Edwards had me at ‘hello.’”

...CNN/USA Today poll


Who won the debate? VP Cheney 42% Sen. Edwards 58%

...MSN Money


"I thought the most amazing part of the debate was when Dick Cheney told Edwards in his Darth Vader voice, 'John, I am your father.' ''

...Jay Leno


"Speaking of Cheney, in a recent interview _ an author who's writing a book about Dick Cheney said that Cheney is misunderstood and is not a monster. Then the author admitted, 'Cheney told me if I didn't say that, he would eat my children.'''

...Conan O'Brien'


By 41 percent to 29 percent, uncommitted debate watchers say Edwards won the debate tonight....CBS News


"Anybody who thought that Senator Edwards was going to be rolled by the experienced Vice President I think will have a second thought."

...Peter Jennings


"Edwards came right out from the git go and said you're not being straight with the American people."

...PBS David Brooks

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Even I saw that the clear winner is Cheney.


OH!! here is something interesting. Here is how JOHN EDWARDS voted . I am only begining to review edwards voting record. I will be posting more.


"Vote to pass a bill guaranteeing the solvency of a loan program for the Steel, Oil, and Gas industries.


HR 1664: Kosovo and Southwest Asia Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1999

Bill passed 63-34 on 6/18/99)

Voted Yes "


Just so there is a clear understanding.

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