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Sahpcash, Adams Morgan Scavenger Hunt


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You're invited...


Second Annual Halloween Pub-kin Crawl and Scavenger Hunt


TDK productions cordially invites you and all your friends to The Second Annual Halloween Pub-kin Crawl and Scavenger Hunt (SAHPCASH) - happening Saturday, November 1, 2K3.


Get ready, as this legendary event is only one week away. This year, we have added new clues, tasks and participating bars to the mix. And as an added twist to the chaos, we have created "SAHPCASH round-up locations" where all teams, crawlers, and accomplices will reunite for...well, what else? – More cocktails.


The details are the same, meet at Millie & Al's (2440 18th Street NW), in the heart of Adams Morgan no later than 7:45 PM. Come in costume, in a team of any size and with a digital, Polaroid or disposable camera in hand. Then, get ready to (once again) put reason and inhibition aside and run wild through the streets of Adams Morgan in a rowdy, anything goes Halloween themed scavenger hunt and pub crawl.


Upon arrival to Millie & Al's, your team will be handed an itinerary/list, a participant bracelet, some encouraging words and, of course, a boatload of Jell-O shots. Following the mischief, mayhem and drunken merriment that is sure to arise, the evening will culminate at 1:00 AM where everyone, or whomever has managed to evade the local authorities, will come together at Chief Ikes (1725 Columbia Road NW), for a post-party celebration - a.k.a. even more cocktails.


If not the greatest night of your life, SAHPCASH 2K3 will undoubtedly be the best Halloween scavenger hunt and pub-kin crawl you ever attended the day after Halloween. Regardless, this is an event that you will not want to miss. As always, the more the merrier - everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Costumes, cameras and teams are not required and should in no way deter you from participating.


Following the party the fun will continue well until 2K4 as we will post your pictures on our website for your friends, family and co-workers to see.


Pre-registration will be available early next week.


To pre-register, simply fill out the form at http://www.flirtingwithsobriety.com/pubkin2/.

See you this Saturday!


- tdk

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