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A Genie Named Khatab

Guest Classika-Synetic Theatre

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Guest Classika-Synetic Theatre

In Lazar Lagin’s celebrated Russian children’s story adapted by Classika’s artistic director Inna Shapiro, Volka, a young boy, discovers an enchanted ancient bottle while swimming in the ocean and frees an entrapped genie. The much-obliged genie follows Volka to school and insists on aiding him in his geography presentation. Comic misadventure ensues as the genie takes control of Volka’s voice and shares his ancient fantastical beliefs of the world. When a class bully teases Volka after his bizarre geography presentation, the genie wishes to protect and please his young master. The angered genie places a spell on the bully that makes him bark like a dog and grow a strange beard. In a heart-warming conclusion to this joyful, humorous tale, Volka teaches both the genie and the bully that we must treat one another with forgiveness and tolerance.


Playing Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm

Until October 30th

At Classika Theatre

4041 S. 28th Street - The Village of Shirlington

Arlington, VA

Call 703.824.0660 or visit www.classika.org to make your reservations today!

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