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The Tale Of The Fisherman And The Golden Fish

Guest Classika-Synetic Theatre

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Guest Classika-Synetic Theatre

Classika and Synetic Productions will remount their successful summer production of The Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish beginning of September 18th. The production, well-received by critics and audiences, closed to sold-out houses, and the directors of the theater decided to revive it for their family-series opener.


Aleksander Pushkin’s poem chronicles the fortunes of an old fisherman and his old wife. While fishing his regular waters, the old man catches a miraculous golden fish who speaks with the voice of a human. The magical fish has the power to grant wishes, and the old man’s wife makes increasing demands, asking for more and greater things for her life. Her wishes are granted until she finally goes too far, and all her wishes are revoked, returning her to her poor existence.


The show will be told through Synetic’s signature style of movement mixed with Pushkin’s classic text. Children will be introduced to the art of theatrical movement and classic pantomime techniques while being exposed to Pushkin’s poetry. Pushkin’s extensive body of work is considered to be one of the jewels of Russian literature, and his poetic talents are evident even in the translation of this children’s fable.


Playing Saturdays and Sundays at noon

Until October 30th

At Classika Theatre

4041 S. 28th Street - The Village of Shirlington

Arlington, VA

Call 703.824.0660 or visit www.classika.org to make your reservations today!

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