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Guest Synetic Theater

Only Two Weeks Left!!!!


Host and Guest is a new play by Roland Reed based on an epic poem from the Republic of Georgia. Vazha Pshavela wrote the original poem around the turn of the 20th century, and it has become a classic of Georgian literary culture. The story centers around two men, one Muslim and one Christian, who befriend each other despite their cultures’ long-standing hatred. The people from both villages make the men pay dearly for their friendship, and the entire community is shattered by war. The real heart of the story lies in the character Aghaza, the wife of the Muslim man. In the midst of all the horror, she says, “If a woman only had the right to wield a sword; if a woman could prevent the killing of a man, I would have struck the fear of God into the souls of those beasts.” Aghaza is the echo of women around the world who must live on through their husbands’, sons’, brothers’, and fathers’ war-mongering, and in this story, she struggles to hold onto her husband, her faith, and her very sense of humanity in the midst of blind hatred.


Playing until October 16th at the Rosslyn Spectrum

1611 N. Kent Street, Arlington

Thursday - Saturday at 8 pm

Sunday at 3 pm

Please call 703.824.8060 or visit www.synetic.org to reserve your tickets today!

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