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Papain, Pepsin, Pancreatin, SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE, Lipase


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1.Chymotrypsin: 1000USP units/mg


2.Trypsin: 2500units/mg


3. Trypsin-chymotrypsin mixture 6:1,1:1, 1:250


4.Pancreatic Kinionogenase: 300 units/mg proteinfor oral taken,600 units/mg protein for injection


5.Chymotrypsinogen: 1,000 USP units/mg


6.Cytochrome C: 95.0%


7.Hyaluronidase: 300units/1mg


8.Elastase: 30units/1mg


9.Deoxyribonuclease: 3,000 Christensen units/mg


10.Ribonuclease: 50 Kunitz units/mg


11. Xylanase:20000u/g


12. Nattokinase:1000-20000fu/g


13. Lumbrukinase: 12000 -30000u/mg


14. Papain:50,0000-3.50 Million




16. Lipase:10000U/G


11. Papain:50,000-2 Million






14. Pancreatic Kininogenase


15. asparaginase 250 u/mg of protein, CP2005


16. Bromelain: 600GDU-3000GDU


17. Beta-Mannanase: 200,000 u/g, 500,000u/g


18. Pepsin: 3000-10000NF U/G


19. TRANS GLUTAMINASE:20-1000u/g


20. SOD (SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE): 1000-5000iu/mg,


21. Modified SOD (LA-SOD) product: : 20,000 U/mg

22. Natto powder: freeze dried powder, Nattokinase 6000u/g


23. TRANS GLUTAMINASE:50-1000u/g


24. Catalase:50000-200000u/g



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