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Cranberry P.E. Anthocyanidins


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Our Anthocyanidins series include:




1. Bilberry P.E: Anthocyanidins 10%,15%,20%,25% by UV, Anthocyanins35%


2. Cranberry P.E.: Proanthocyanidins 25%,30% by UV, Anthocyanidins 25% by uv


3. Elderberry P.E.: Anthocyanidins25% by uv, Anthocyanins 25% by hplc

4. lonicera caerulea P.E.: Anthocyanins20% by HPLC


5. Black bean hull P.E.: Anthocyanidins 5%,10% by uv


6. Black currant P.E.: Anthocyanins20%,30% by HPLC


7. Sambucus Nigra P.E: Anthocyanins 2%,10%,25% by HPLC


Cranberry(Vaccinium Macrocarpon L.) is a kind of round ,bright red fruit with elastic skin on short vine, also called red small plum. It has strong cold resistance and distributes in ChangBai mountain in DongBei and XingAnLing districts.


Cranberry contains rich Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Anthocyanidins, hippuric acid, Catechin and Vacciniin ect. It is a effective antioxidant and antimicrobial. Especially with Proanthocyanidins giving it strong activity of antioxidation and free radical clearing to keep health and livingness of cells by protecting cell from damage. Integrate antibiosis and water retention of it into whitening, Some famous cosmetic companies have developed herb ingredients contained new products.


Health benefits: soft blood capillary, eliminate eyestrain, improve eyesight and delay cerebral nerve to aging, Enhancing the heart function and resisting cancer. It has curative effect on immunity diseases of blood capillary caused by diabetes.


The uniqie A-type Proanthocyanidins with strong anti-adhesion activity against certain E-coli make it very effective in Improving the Urinary System, preventing urinary tract infection



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