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Bilberry P.E. Anthocyanins, Blueberry P.E


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Our Anthocyanidins series include:




1. Bilberry P.E: Anthocyanidins 10%,15%,20%,25% by UV, Anthocyanins35%


2. Cranberry P.E.: Proanthocyanidins 25%,30% by UV, Anthocyanidins 25% by uv


3. Elderberry P.E.: Anthocyanidins25% by uv, Anthocyanins 25% by hplc

4. lonicera caerulea P.E.: Anthocyanins20% by HPLC


5. Black bean hull P.E.: Anthocyanidins 5%, 10% by uv


6. Black currant P.E.: Anthocyanins20%, 30% by HPLC


7. Sambucus Nigra P.E: Anthocyanins 2%,10%,25% by HPLC


Bilberry( Blueberrys,Vaccinium Uliginosuml) distributes in Europe, Aisan and American etc. The origins in China are mainly in North east China, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. The main species is V.uliginosum, plant high 40-60cm. Fruit is ball likely, Blue dark on appearance with rich juice, taste vinegary with sweet. (see the following figure). It is mainly used for wine making, less fruits are eaten.




Health benefits: Soft blood capillary, eliminate eyestrain, improve eyesight and delaying cerebral nerve to aging, Enhance the heart function and resist cancer. It has curative effect on immunity diseases of blood capillary caused by diabetes.



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