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Bee Propolis was collected from the tree bud and bark by bees,then mixed secretion of bee tongue gland and wax gland etc. It was processed by bees and transformed into jelly substance by bees .

Ingredient:The basic ingredient of propolis are tree balm compound, phenol substance and amylase.

Healthy effection:Propolis is one kind of natural antibiotic and also can enhance immunity ability,nourish skin,leave caducity,can prevent from cardiovascular cirus, can defend diabetic, restrain knub, propolis has the remarkable assistant use in hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, astriction, polypi, bilestone etc.

Our propolis series include:

Propolis block: 14% falvonoids Min

Propolis powder: 3%-12% falvonoids Min.

Water soluble propolis block: 12% falvonoids Min.

Water soluble propols powder: 50%,70%; falvonoids Min.7%,%,10%


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