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Award-Winning Rockumentary Premieres in DC

Guest Tim

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Please forgive me because I'm a "noob" and this post is nothing more than a shameless self promotion, but a film that I directed is playing at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in DC next Friday (Aug. 19th) and I'm worried no one is going to be there because I'm not from the area and I don't know anyone. So, in case you like movies and you're open minded when it comes to checking out movies, please continue reading the following info!


Is Everybody Happy? is a feature-length documentary following four friends, their band and the thirteen day tour that changed their lives forever. Here is a temporary trailer of the film for you to enjoy:


Watch Trailer


Our premiere will take place on Friday, August 19th at 9pm in the Congressional Room of the Capital Hilton. Tickets are $10/person and can be purchased by visiting the film festival's website:


Get Tickets


The film was recently named "Best Documentary" at the Los Angeles Film Festival and we have also been nominated by the WMIFF for Best Original Music and Best Feature Length Documentary.


The filmmakers and members of the Bless You Boys will be present for a Q & A immediately following the screening.


Thank you! Please spare me any negative comments about being a "noob" and a "troll" or whatever other words you kids use these days. I get it! I'm sorry!



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