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Dick Cheney's Voting Record

Guest Swing Voter

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Guest Swing Voter

It is difficult to pierce all the media noise and actually find the truth about

either candidate. So, I am just trying to look at the facts and not the rhetoric.


This what I found on Vice President Dick Cheney's voting record during his eleven years in Congress on issues that are important to me.


He opposed federal funding for abortions -- with no exceptions in the case of rape or incest.


He voted against the Equal Rights Amendment for women, along with 146 other members of Congress in 1983.


On Education, he consistently opposed funding of Head Start and voted against creating the Department of Education.


He was one of just 21 members of Congress, in December of 1985, to vote against a ban on armor piercing bullets -- called cop killer bullets.


Three years later he was one of only four members of the House voting against a ban on plastic guns that could slip through airport security machines undetected. The National Rifle Association did not oppose this ban.


On the environment, Cheney opposed refunding the Clean Water Act. He voted to postpone sanctions slapped on air polluters that failed to meet pollution standards.

And he voted against legislation to require oil, chemical and other industries from making public records of emissions known to cause cancer, birth defects and other chronic diseases.


I hope to find George Bush's record as well. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to figure out what team I want in office. Thanks

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I would strongly recommend that you refer to a non-biased web site that posts all congressional voting records when considering the candidates. While the voting quotes posted by Swing may be totally legitimate, it's clear that a more Liberally-minded person hand-picked the votes that would support their anti-Cheney point of view. Please - look at the entire picture.


www.vote-smart.org is a pretty good site for ALL voting records. It categorizes all of the voting topics and then allows you to read what each issue was really about, as well as how the constituant voted.


Thanks for listening and happy voting!

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