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Guest Ken Mehlman

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Guest Ken Mehlman

On Thursday night, President Bush and Senator Kerry face off in the first of three debates. Thursday's debate focuses on foreign policy and homeland security. The debate presents an opportunity for the President to present his vision for our national security to the country.


It also presents Senator Kerry an opening to explain to the American people exactly where he stands. Unfortunately for the Senator, that may be difficult given his continual vacillation on issue after issue.


We'll be there to set the record straight with live response to the Kerry campaign.




On Iraq, Kerry now says the removal of Saddam Hussein has left America less secure. He is currently against the war, and wouldn't have gone to war, but he used to be for the war before he was against the war he voted for before he was against it. Confused? Don't worry! We'll give you the facts to unravel the knot of contradictions that is Kerry's Iraq policy


On Cuba, Kerry says he voted for the Helms-Burton Act but actually voted against it. In 2000, he was "being honest" when he said Florida politics are the only reason the embargo hasn't been lifted, but now he says he would not lift it. He was for Fidel Castro before he was against him.


On Israel, he told an Arab American group the Israeli security fence was a "barrier to peace" but four months later told a Jewish audience it was a legitimate act of self-defense. His position depends on his audience. What position will he take Thursday? It depends on who he thinks is watching.


Still having trouble keeping up?




We'll set the record straight and help you sort through the flip-flops, half-truths, and outright fabrications. Bookmark this page and come back on Thursday night. We'll be responding live and give you the facts to counter the liberal spin.


Thanks again for all you do.




Ken Mehlman

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