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Bones of Hitler deputy exhumed, burned

Guest Thaqalain

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Guest Thaqalain

BERLIN (AP) — The bones of Adolf Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, have been removed from their grave in a small Bavarian town that had become a pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis.


Before dawn Wednesday, workers exhumed Hess's bones from the grave in the Wunsiedel cemetery, then cremated the remains and scattered them secretly in a lake, whose name and location are not being divulged, cemetery administrator Andreas Fabel told The Associated Press.


"The grave is now empty," he said on Thursday. "The bones are gone."


Hess was captured in 1941 when he parachuted into Scotland on a mission to negotiate peace between Britain and Germany.


The attempt was denounced by Hitler, and Hess later told British authorities that the Nazi leader knew nothing of it.


At the Nuremberg trials after the war Hess was found innocent of war crimes and crimes against humanity, but sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against peace and conspiracy to commit crimes against peace.


Hess was the last inmate at Spandau Prison in then-West Berlin when he died on Aug. 17, 1987 at age 93. Allied authorities said he hanged himself with an electrical cord. The prison was demolished shortly afterward and the rubble secretly disposed of.

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