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God-like state


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God-like state


Thus, one does not see any difference between the three gunas (three fundamental qualities in creation). The qualities of Rajas (activity, passion) and Tamas (ignorance, rigidity) are the so-called bad qualities. They are represented by Lord Brahma (Creator) and Lord Shiva (Destroyer) respectively. Sattvam (purity, knowledge) is the good quality, which is represented by Lord Vishnu (Maintainer). Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are said to be equal. This means that the qualities that they represent are also equal. Good and bad are equal. Chillies and sweets are equal. All the three qualities are equal because they are equally important as means for getting complete entertainment in creation. The chillies are necessary to enjoy the sweet later on. The hero and the villain of a movie, both get equal remuneration. Both are equally important in giving entertainment to the audience. None is to be rejected or criticized.


This is the highest perspective. It is called the Brahmi Sthiti (God-like state). The person, who is established in this state, is never disturbed by the joys or tragedies of the world. Even as he breathes his last, he enjoys his own death, like God (Esha Brahmi Sthiti…Brahma Nirvana Mrichchhati… Gita). This was the state of Lord Krishna. He enjoyed throughout His entire life. He enjoyed as He cheated the Gopikas and stole their butter (Vanchate Parivanchate… Shri Rudram, Veda). Even the Gopikas enjoyed that cheating. That is the highest state of devotion, which is possible only with the highest knowledge. Krishna enjoyed even His own defeat by running away from Kalayavana. Finally, He enjoyed His own death too. This shows how Krishna and His devotees (Gopikas) practically saw the oneness in the three gunas and derived constant entertainment.


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