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Selfish devotees do not require human incarnation!


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Selfish devotees do not require human incarnation!

In general, the major lot of humanity does not require the human incarnation. Even if they require, they cannot recognize due to their inherent ego and jealousy based on the repulsion between common media. Therefore, there is no use of human incarnation for the major humanity. But, they also require God. For their purpose, God is represented by statues and photos of energetic forms. Since the energetic forms like Vishnu, Shiva etc, are not available, a photo or statue representing them can be only worshipped. Even, the past human incarnations like Rama, Krishna etc, can be worshipped through the photos and statues. Since direct photo is not possible, only imaginary photos and statues are worshipped. Even the alive trees, animals, birds etc, are worshipped because they are not alive human forms.


But, all these statues and photos represent human form only indicating that the final goal is the alive human incarnation only. The Shivalingam is just a round stone, which indicates that the human beings in this world can interact only with matter and not with the unimaginable God directly. The Shivalingam is in the form of the energetic wave representing energy and there by indicates that energetic form is necessary for the worship of unimaginable God by the departed souls existing in energetic bodies in the upper world.


Therefore, the Shivalingam denotes both matter and energy, which are the media required for the expression of unimaginable God in this world and upper world respectively. Even the body of human incarnation is matter only. Therefore, the Shivalingam represents the first step of interaction, which is matter. The second step is the carved human form in the matter (stone). The third step is the alive human incarnation. Hence, the idol worship is meant for the major lot of humanity suffering with ego and jealousy in the initial stage. Bhagavan Shri Satya Sai Baba told that just like the finger indicates the flower, the idol indicates the goal. Once the flower is seen, the finger is not necessary, Baba said. It means, once you catch the alive human incarnation, these photos and statues of energetic forms and past incarnations in human form only are not necessary. The goal of all these statues and photos is alive human incarnation only with which you can interact and serve in all angles including the clarification of your doubts.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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