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The reason behind terroris and its solution


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The reason behind terroris and its solution

Now, we shall examine the problem of terrorism. There can be many religions on the earth, based on the difference in the culture and the civilization existing in the various parts of the world. In the above topic we have seen that the traditions are different, but the essence of the traditions is one and the same. Similarly, religions may differ, but the essence of the religions, which is the spiritual knowledge, is one and the same. The spiritual knowledge says that there is only one God for this entire earth or even for the entire creation. This point is agreed by all religions. The names and forms of the absolute unimaginable God are different in different languages and different dresses of culture. Krishna and Jesus are one and the same, dressed differently as per the difference in the culture of the regions of this earth.


If you say that Krishna alone is God and the Gita alone is the scripture, several generations passed away without the knowledge of Krishna and the Gita in the past, when there was no communication between the countries, till the discovery of India by other countries. In such case, those generations have gone to hell since they did not worship Krishna and did not here the Gita. This is not their fault due to lack of inter-continental contact. In such case, God becomes partial without reason. It means, God should have been mad. God is the Father of every human being and He cannot be partial to some children only without reason. If God is impartial, He should have appeared as Krishna in all countries and delivered the Gita simultaneously. Had it been done, it becomes justified to say that those, who worshipped Krishna, went to God and those, who refused Krishna, went to hell.


This argument applies to the conservative followers of every religion. The solution for this is that the same God appeared in different forms and delivered the same knowledge in various parts of the world simultaneously. The forms may be different but God is one and the same. The languages of the scriptures may differ but the essential knowledge is one and the same. Thus, there is simultaneous delivery of knowledge to everybody in the creation. Hence, God, the Father, is impartial to His children, who are all the human beings. If this single truth is realized, there will be no violent terrorism in the name of God.


The terrorists always kill the followers of other religion. They do not know that they are killing the devotees of their own God. Suppose there is a police officer. He sits in his office in the uniform and another police officer is his best friend. The police officer sits in his house in civil dress. He has another friend in civil dress. The son of the police officer is always exposed to him in the civil dress. Hence, the son praises the friend of the father in civil dress and scolds the other friend in uniform. The ignorant son does not know that his father in the civil dress is the same person in the uniform. He mistakes his father in the uniform as an outsider and even scolds him.


Both naxalism and terrorism should be removed to bring the peace in society, which is the main essence of pravrutti. Unless you follow the ethics, which is the commandment of God, how can you please Him in nivrutti or spiritual path? If you disobey God in pravrutti, you cannot please Him in nivrutti because God is one and the same in both the subjects.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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