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Saving America from its politicians

Guest Adnan Darwash

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Guest Adnan Darwash

On 4th of July 2011, the US as an independent nation, was established some 235 years ago. In maximising the utilization of its natural and human resources, the USA became a mighty superpower with a colossal economy. But to the hard luck of America, its leaders started to waste valuable assets on non-productive sectors, like weapons, and to fighting wars. While the entire world has been benefiting from the US food production and the highly-developed educational system, many parts of the world have been also suffering from US interference that undermined their sovereignty, exploited local resources and sabotaged the natural course of their political development. Right now, the US government is in$US14 trillion deficit while many observors believe that the US may default before Greece. But if the European Union showed readiness to rescue Greece, albeit temporarily, who will come to rescue America? Is it Red China and making the bones of late President Ronal Reagan to shiver in his grave, or is it the Israelis who have been receiving $trillions in direct or indirect aids. Or is it the Jewish-controlled Wall Street and other financial institutions.

Before this mighty giant collapses, the Americans must put their house in order by stopping their politicians from wasting the nation's resources in order to be re-elected.

Similarly, religions require rescuing too. The message of holy Moses “thy shall not kill” is being translated into torture and assassination of Palestinians by Israeli Rabbis. The message of holy Jesus of “Love and forgiveness” has been converted into killing on industrial scale by American Christians who claim to talk to God. And finally, the message of Mohammed of “equality between people and respect for human dignity” which was thought to be 200 years ahead of its time is being rehabilitated by Muslim fundamentalist into a backward doctrine and preaching practices of 1400 years ago instead of those of the 23rd century. It may be in humanity best interests if America (USA) and all known religions go bankrupt. In General, humanity suffers most when religion and religious people start to control politics in any nation.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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