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Captain Felix Invites You to Fishing Camp for Kids

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Guest usavaipacitte

Captain Felix Invites You to Fishing Camp for Kids


Captain Felix camps are supervised programs designed for recreational and educational purposes. These camps can be general camps focused on outdoor activities such as fishing. Fishing camp for kids is available in Miami, Florida and focus on a variety of fishing styles to teach kids about the importance of fishing and its role in conservation.


Features of a kids fishing camp include learning about fishing, practicing fishing techniques and having fun. Camp curriculum will focus on the details of the fishing equipment, where to find fish, how to tie fishing knots and general boating safety. After learning the basic features of fishing, the kids will practice casting, tying knots, handling fish and rigging the line with bait. Other features include hands-on experience with the newly acquired skills, fishing with professionals and using new equipment.


With a basic goal of teaching kids the basics of fishing of boating, fishing camps also have several additional benefits. The programs are designed to improve the overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the kids by participating in fun-filled activities throughout the camp. By the end of the camp, the kids learn how to appreciate respect the outdoors as responsible anglers.


Fishing camps for kids can vary in length depending on the curriculum of the camp. One or two hour camps are available for basic instruction for beginning anglers. Advanced camps can last from one to four weeks and will typically take place during the summer months.


More info http://fishingnovakfelix.com/

Or call + 1 305 781 0779, +380 50 840 4378

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