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Democrats Win Back New York

Guest DSCC

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Guest DSCC

Huge news! Last night, Democrat Kathy Hochul won the special election for a deep-red House seat in New York. Democrats won despite a huge Karl Rove cash infusion because of a tough campaign, backed by enough grassroots support to offset their special interest money. This is a clear sign that momentum is on the Democratic side!


We kept the Senate in 2010. But retaking the Senate is high on the Republican agenda for 2012. That’s why we’re fighting back already – recruiting strong candidates, building needed campaign infrastructure, and getting the message out about the extreme GOP agenda. None of this is easy. None of this is cheap. But it’s necessary if we’re going to win. And it requires full buy-in from the Democratic grassroots – which provides more than 90% of the DSCC’s donations.


Democrats won in New York. And we can win in states like Nevada, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Arizona, too.


I’m so proud of Kathy Hochul and all of the Democrats who worked so hard to get her elected. If we can turn New York’s most red district blue, we can certainly keep our Senate majority. Let’s keep the momentum going.




Sen. Patty Murray

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