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Infinite Ventures & Associates Angel Investor Opportunities



I have a few ( many) ANGEL INVESTOR opportunites available for ANYONE who wishes them


We are a highly talented group of executives all whom have our very own world class projects and weare all VERY VERY CLOSE to receiving our required large allotments of ventures capital / loans (or “commissions” when applicable)


We have the need however to have in ONE ANGEL INVESTOR per company to help us in the closing of our loans / investment as our final presentations and dilgence costs from the lenders are out of our immediate reach.


We have decided that because the SIZE and scope of each project varies and that some returns are coming in at different times that it is very difficult to list here the EXACT returns and time frames but on average if you were to invest between $25,000.00 USD which is our bottom line minimum to upwards of say $750,000.00 USD that you would receive beween “8 times to 10” times your return on investment with your PRINCIPAL returned DOUBLE or TRIPLE immedately upon us receving our largercapital with the remaining balance to be paid back over a time frame that shouldn’t exceed 2 years


( depending upon how much is invested and into WHICH project)


In many circumstances, the entire amount can be paid back all at once.


Now we know that investments are a tough choice but we are ALL above board and will with stand ALL and ANY dilgence by ANY investor / lender but please simply understand that should you CHOOSE to invest with us that you must understand that we ALL, no matter how good a project, are “in need of your capital” BEFORE we can look anywheres NEAR a top industry challenging or leading corporation and in many cases we still need our LARGER FUNDING and a FULL YEAR or TWO to fully develop into such an entity.


As we are all START ups ( most of us, as some have been up and running well doing what we can for years) that we are NOT at our very best just yet and our VERY BEST is still yet to come.


So with that said I would like to mention my own project which has a GREAT opportunity for “ONE” investor and this a TOP Trade & Commodity Connection Service who has been operating for over 3 years now and we are super close to MANY MILLIONS of dollars from our efforts over these years.


However we are still yet 40-50 days away from being paid on our first petroleum deals and we need an immediate injection of capital just to keep up with the demand on our services and we need to prepare for a INDUSTRY LEADING “GLOBAL” INTRODUCTION & EXPANSION that we are developing which will PROPEL us into some of the most fascinating and most prestigious of leagues of business and industries on the planet.


Trade & Commodity deals seem to be all about


SPEEd of DELIVERY of TOP connections, TOP people and TOP deals


and WHOM you know and WHO can proove funds and WHO can actually deliver supply.


and we have been working very small and compact for many years as we learnt the business.


I have MANY things to show the interested investor and I offer the FASTEST and the HIGHEST returns of ANY project at “12” TIMES your investment with your initial investment returned as FAST as possible.


(and if not too much, in my case this will be within 60 days)


You would get your money back immediatly and then EVERY MONTH or every second month thereafter, you would receive returns until you are fully re paid the investment amount AND ”12” TIMES your investment.


My ideal investment right now is simply $25,000 USD to $30,000 USD but if you wish to go higher then we shall discuss these options too as we are going into DISNEY & WARNER BROTHERS LEVEL of Entertainment as well, WITH a TOP very well known animation film studio.


If you wish to look over any of these opportunities or wish to discuss my opportunity then please give me some kind of an idea of


1..How much you wish to invest.


2.. The locations that are acceptable to you




3.. The types of industries that are acceptable to you and please note that we have THEM ALL, from


.. Real Estate Deals of MANY types including straight out purchases of TOP properties Hotels, Motels, & Resorts


.. TOP Film & Movie Production And Production Studios for those who wish a FANTASTIC lifestyle in the Hollywood lane.


.. TOP Theme Parks in a few great countries


.. TOP Casinos in a fair number of countries and including MINI casinos for $3 million apeice and LARGE FIRST CLASS Casinos in ANY country of your choice


( within reason)


.. Cruise Ships Tankers or Carriers


.. Oil and Gas Exploration, Pipelines & Well Development


.. IT & Wireless ( although we have only a few small ones of these)


.. A fair number of Health Related & Medical Projects


.. Shopping Centers.


and many many others


So please send all inquiries to either me directly at




or to Richard Stanton in Texas at




We ALSO, for any TOP Trader or Financial Specialist, have “5” TOP DIRECTORSHIPS left open within our trading network where a DIRECTOR looks after and runs his own firm but the NETWORK pays for almost everything they need including staff and they get paid on EVERY DEAL we close but you MUST bring some GREAT experiences & connections with you, you must follow OUR procedures which are very simple but reasonably non flexible and you must pay a buy in fee of $100,000.00 USD in order to receive the benefits for the next “5-10” years.


Simply put, it costs money for this so that we are ENSURED of our PARTNERS sincerity & talents / experiences.


The buy in fee is flexible and can be taken partially out of the proceeds from the deals we close but SOMETHING DECENT ( like even $10,000.00 upfront) must be sent in if you wish a TOP positon like this.


You can meet the rest of us later if interested but we too bring some GREAT industry leading experiences and partners to our networks for you to enjoy.


Larry Kronebusch


Infinite Ventures



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