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Sophia Stewart - Wins 2.5 Billion Lawsuit for Writing Matrix and Terminator

Guest Michelle

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Guest Michelle

I thought Terminator was co-written by Cameron and William Wisher Jr. And the Matrix I though was written by Larry and Andy Wachowski????




After a six year dispute, prolific writer and profound spiritualist, Sophia Stewart has received justice for copyright infringement and racketeering and will finally recover damages from the films, The Matrix I, II and III, as well as The Terminator and its sequels. Yes, you heard that correctly – the entire Matrix & Terminator franchises, and her suspected pay off is expected to be the highest in history – an estimated 2.5 billion.

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Her case was dismissed in 2005... She even admits that characters in the movie are not similar to hers in the book. She does try to contend that her descriptions of her characters are similar to those portrayed in the movie. However, the court finds that they are not and that she does not provide substantial evidence to prove so. She was ordered to pay the defendants court costs and lawyer fees.


Here is the court document that states so:



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Just to point out the obvious, Larry becoming Lana Wachowski DOES NOT make the claim of infringment nor Sophias victory less so. Gender Change in the States makes the person a different person under the law in California certainly in Britain I know. She can sue twice.

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You are right. Larry is now Lana. Maybe that is why the Matrix and Vendetta were so dark and repressed feminine sexuality.




Back in January of last year, it was rumored that the Wachowski Brothers - who wrote and directed "Bound" and the Matrix trilogy - were actually the directors of "V for Vendetta", but they chose to take their name off because at the time Larry Wachoswki was undergoing gender reassignment. And yes, you read that right. He was in the middle of a sex change operation, and they wanted to avoid the media as much as possible. And it wasn't the first weird thing Larry had ever done. He also famously divorced his wife to start a relationship with a dominatrix named Ilsa Stix. So, if you're keeping score, he's now a woman, but a lesbian woman.

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Check your facts, the snopes.com article is a fake. she did in fact win it wont be covered by the media because Warner Brothers parent company is AOL Time Warner. They are not going to report the facts.

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Guest Open Eyes

What Sophia Stewart is saying is a fact. In 1993 I saw the drawings and the script that this suit is based on when she was going through the process for a suit for the Terminatior. Just 6 years later the matrix comes out and everything in that movie can be seen in her drawings and writing.

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Racism Against Sophia Stewart

in the American Court System


“L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology Church stole my Copyrights”






January 29, 2012


The Conspiracy and Cover Up



1986 Ad - The Writer of the Future Contest


Sponsored by L. Ron Hubbard


For Original Works of Science Fiction of Short Story Or Novelette Length


The theft


Prevented from going to trial in both cases- same pattern


Won both cases on default Judgement -both of which have been covered up.




L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology Church stole my work because Hubbard could never make a dime off of his work. L. Ron wanted to be known as a great Science Fiction Writer.He died in 1986. Harland Ellison, his friend said that Hubbard started the church so that he could be rich.


The Scientology Church was found in 1954 by it's founder L. Ron Hubbard. After Hubbard's death, an attorney by the name of David Miscavige became the leader. Probably one of the reasons why so many lawyers and judges are involved in this Cult and White Collar Crime.


Officers of the Court breaking the law is worse then Blue Collar Cops breaking the law.No one is above the law , all is held accountable.


The most Famous Scientologists is Charles Manson ( who is known for Sharon Tate's murder in the 60s ) not Tom Cruise.





Theft case : FBI Case 194-LV- (New) Corruption of State & Local Officals

Not Civil- Not Copying. The Book and Copyrights : The Third Eye

Website : www.truthaboutmatrix.com Documented Evidence





Case Number CV 03-2873 TJH (VBKx) - Thieft- Criminal Copyright Infridgement $300 Million Dollars Case-Treble the Damages Filed April 24, 2003


Terry J. Hatter Jr. U.S. District Judge


Hatter Court Ordered the RICO Case Statement as an amendment to the pleadings on April 28, 2003



The reason Hatter resued himself from the case : " My son is a attorney for one of the defendants. "



Crime : Judge Tampering



Resigned to Judge Margaret M. Morrow June 14, 2004


Case Number CV 03-2873 MMM (VBKx)



The Wachoskis Brothers : The Defandents, Andy and Larry never answered the Amended Complaint - Default Judgment - Immediately- This evidence was hidden and never entered. Years later, Larry had a sex change and is now known as Lana. A second lawsuit can now be filed against him as Lana. Several pieces of evidence that was hidden or never entered was a witness Judy Nulack, all six of the movies ( 3 Matrix & 3 Terminator ) with the Copyrighted Protected Expression- this alone would have given me the relief, FBI Investigated- Report of the Theft and Case numbers, All the validated characters in the movies,





Case Number 2: 07 CV-552CW - $ 150 Million Dollars Case- Malpractice, Fraud Case -Criminal


U.S. Judge Dale Kimble




Resigned to judge Clark Waddoups

and Brooke C. Wells





Ted Mc bride was given instructions to get Judge Kimble off the case. The first fraud on Lubell came from Mc Bride's Office.


Crime: Judge Tampering, Civil Liberties Violations- Due process laws broken, several canceled trials etc., wire, mail, signature, Racism, Racism, Racism


Case is the oldest case in Utah Courts- Judge waddoups called my last trial May 10, 2011. Each of my trials over the 4-5 year period have been canceled several times without any explainations.


The defandants have never made anymore appearances, conferences, etc since August 28, 2007. The case was never defended or worked upon by the four defendants.


I put in motions that were never ruled on concerning Dean Webb. Later I find out that Judge Waddoups let him out of the case before any of my motions of objections were ruled on. Webb is the one who destroyed my RICO and then left the case, but not before he told me before a witness that these defandants, my fomer lawyers and judge Morrow were sent by the Scientology church to fix my case.




Bruce Isaacs said in the news, that I could not prove it, because I did not have the Ad of Access when asked by the media if I was indeed the Writer of the Matrix & Terminator.


I waited years for the right moment and time to put this piece of evidence in the court system. It is all about timing. The perfect time. This information was given to the FBI SLC Agency on June 10, 1999 when the U. S. Attorney General SLC Office agreed to do the Matrix Case-


The investigation was started by Greg Diamond and Elizabeth Ann Steven, which all stopped in 2001 because someone or ones got brought off.


The FBI told me I was the Writer of the Terminator because I never saw the movie in 1984. However, I did see the Matrix March 31st, 1999 and knew it was my work. I called Warner Brother's legal and was immediately offered a settlement. I was also told not to go the FBI.


Over the years I have been offered money by phone. The amount is always $ 5-7 million dollars. The Matrix and Terminator Franchise made over $25 Billion dollars and counting. I am the sole copyright & Trademark owner of this work. I am in the Bankrupcy Court in California for $370 million dollars for Terminator 4 movie



Jonathan Wallace Lubell: Died before he could answer the September 23, 2008 Amended Complaint in Salt Lake City Utah. Born 1925-29. David G. Lubell was his twin brother. Both are deceased. Both had no license to practice law because of their Communist's ties.


They both pleaded the 5th. There were more then eight counts of, wire, mail, and signature fruad entered in the Utah Courts on the behalf of Lubell including four different signatures to give the appearance that he was alive.


These are the Scientology Members, Lawyers, Ties, Associations, and

Affiliates that are involved in RICO on both cases:


My former lawyers:


Michael Thomas Stoller, Member - Scientologist Lawyer Disbarred/committed fraud - Worked with Warner Brothers on movie "Battlefield Earth"


Gary Stephen Brown- Member- Scientologist Lawyer- Involved in fraud


Jonathan Wallace Lubell- deceased- died after August 28, 2007 before September 23, 2008- Scientologist lawyer- No license to practice law.


Dean Browing Webb- RICO Specialists- Ties to Scientology Church


Timothy Bowles- Lawyer for Former Vice President Al Gore-Scientologist lawyer


Terry Gross- Scientologist lawyer


Erik H. Langeland-Scientologist Lawyer


The Defendants Lawyers - Members of the church or Scientologist



Bertram Bert Harris Fields-Member-Scientologist lawyer- James Cameron


Wyman & Isaacs LLP- Scientologist Lawyers


Bruce Isaacs-Scientologist Lawyer


Howard L. Weitman- Member-Scientologist


U.S. Judges-Ties To Scientology Church


Margaret Mary Morrow ( Boland )- Member-Scientologist Lawyer-Law Firm worked with Warner Brothers

Brooke C. Wells- Ties- Scientology Case


The Friend



Harland Ellison- Ties to Scientology Church- Friend of Hubbard

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Guest Mr. Real Talk

..Hey FREAKING IDIOT! I saw that letter about the contest. It also states that if you turn over a script for the contest you NO LONGER OWN IT!. Those are the rules for that contest and most of them when you submit a script.... The case is still going.


This whole thing might be a brainwash conspiracy or distraction..... ITS TOO MUCH BS!

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Guest Watches Whites Lose Souls

All of you who say that Ms. Stewart DIDN'T win the law suit are pathetic racists just like the people who TRIED to cover-up the fact that a Black woman wrote these stories. I met her about a year and a half ago at a convention and believe me, she's better off now because of douche bags like YOU!! Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! God don't like ugly, Ugly!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! LMFAO You're losing your grip, you alien human hybrids!!!!!! Heeheeheeheehee!!!!!! Whites, especially Jews, control the media and don't want anybody to know what happened in this landmark case. A bunch of white and Jewish lawyers, judges, and wannabe sci-fi writers got outsmarted by a Black novelist!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! ROTF So keep on with your Satanic tricks and let's see who wins in the end, Sissy!!!!!!!

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It is hard to argue one part of her statement. Time Warner is just behind Disney as the biggest media company in the world.


Whether measured by quality, popularity or financial results, our divisions are at the top of their categories. Home Box Office, Time Inc., Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. Entertainment maintain unrivaled reputations for creativity and excellence as they keep people informed, entertained and connected.


We are innovators in technology, products and services. Our digital products and services reinforce the company's industry-leading brands on all platforms with a focus on growth, engagement and monetization. Among Time Warner's digital initiatives are: Warner Bros.' Studio 2.0, TheWB.com, KidsWB.com, Interactive Entertainment properties, as well as best selling videogames which include LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, and Batman Arkham Asylum; DCComics.com, DCNation.com, Digital Cinema, TMZ.com, Blu-ray as well as multiple digital downloading and VOD distribution agreements; HBO® and Cinemax® services offer the industry's most successful subscription video-on-demand products, HBO On Demand® and Cinemax On Demand®, as well as HBO programming online through HBO GO® and MAX GO®, HD feeds and multiplex channels; Time Inc. sites like TIME, CNNMoney.com, PEOPLE.com and SI.com - leaders in their respective categories; Time Inc.on Tablets; Turner Broadcasting's CNN.com, CNN Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, TCM.com, CartoonNetwork.com, TheSmokingGun.com, AdultSwim.com, Veryfunnyads.com, NBA.com, PGATour.com, NCAA.com, PGA.com and NASCAR.com; and joint initiatives like CNNMoney.com, FanNation.com from Time Inc. and Turner.

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