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Chlorogenic acid10%-98%


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Product name:Eucommia Ulmoides P.E.



Latin Name : Eucommia Ulmoids Oliv.


Product Specification: Chlorogenic acid10%-98%


Active Ingredient: Chlorogenic acid


Test Method: HPLC


Appearance: Fine Powder


Part of the Plant Used: Bark/Leaf

Extract Method: Water/Grain Alcolol

CAS#: 327-97-9




Fuctions and effects


1Anti-cancer and anti-tumor




3、Reducing blood press


4Antibacterial Diminish inflammationDetoxification


5Exciting pituitary-adrenal system


6Enhancing the function of the adrenal cortex


7Promoting metablism and preventing aging




If you need product details,such as COA or MSDS,please contact with us





l The main products are as follows. If you are interested in any products. Please contact with me:


l 1 5-HTP


l 2 Resveratrol


l 3 Tongkat Ali Extract (Material from Malaysia)


l 4 Bilberry Extract


l 5 Gynostemma Extract


l 6 Wolfberry Extract


l 7 Tea Extract


l 8 Wild Yam Extract


l 9 Flaxseed Extract


l 10 Magnolia Bark Extract


l 11 Red Clover Extract


l 12 Sweet Tea Extract


l 13 Concentrated juice


l 14 Yohimbe Bark Extract


l 15 Functions and Formulas


l 16 Rosemary Extract


l 17 Bitter Orange Extract


l 18 Ginkgo Biloba Extract


l 19 Ginseng Extract


l 20 Ziziphi Extract


l 21 Rhodiola Extract


l 22 Lotus Leaf extract


l 23 Siberian Ginseng Extract


l 24 Cinnamon Bark Extract


l 25 Mulberry Extract


If you need product details,such as COA or MSDS,please contact with us






Company: Changsha Herbway Biotech Co.,Ltd

Add.: F30,DongMenYiHao Building,No.459 Wanjiali



Contact: Ricky

Telephone: 86 18932487892


Fax number: 86-731-84285992


Msn Messenger: ricky@herbwaybio.com



Email: ricky@herbwaybio.com















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