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YNotCallMe, Inc.™ - Main - 1st Global Virtual Franchise; Your Personal Communications Business




·595 MILLION Cell Phones are selling each year. By the 2008 - 800 MILLION Cell Phones will be sold a year.

·Ipsos-Insight measured 30 percent growth in mobile phone ownership in 2003 five times the growth experienced by the PC industry.

·IDC expects the number of wireless subscribers to reach 1.5 billion by the end of 2004.The Cell Phone & VoIP are the 2 hottest Markets.

There is only 1 Company in the world that combines the strength of the cellular industry with the flexibility of the VoIP platform:




Here is a turn key opportunity that everyone and anyonecan be involved and literally make a FORTUNE, YOUR FORTUNE.

Millionaires are being made overnight and anyone who would like to can. YNotCallMe is as wide open Business Building opportunity as it comes.

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It's neat that someone in these boards is discussing VoIP technology. I recently signed up for a new, currently regional VoIP service called SunRocket. I got a flyer from them a little bit ago and was interested to see what they could offer. Anyways, I had the service installed and have been very happy with it so far. The call clarity is really clear, and all my ID and waiting has worked great too. I just thought I'd share in hopes of hearing what others in the area have to say about this new technology.

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