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Afraid UAE Rulers hired Blackwater to protect falling rule

Guest Thaqalain

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Guest ThinkSpeak

Your link does not go anywhere. But, I understand Blackwater is a soldier corporation.





Emirati military officials had promised that if this first battalion was a success, they would pay for an entire brigade of several thousand men. The new contracts would be worth billions, and would help with Mr. Prince’s next big project: a desert training complex for foreign troops patterned after Blackwater’s compound in Moyock, N.C. But before moving ahead, U.A.E. military officials have insisted that the battalion prove itself in a “real world mission.”

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Guest TDoff

Blackwater/Xe has a great future. As soon as the UAE sends it’s Prince-formed mercenary army into a successful war, and decimates one of it’s neighbors, the demand for private mercenary armies will be brisk.


ExxonMobile, General Electric, Boeing, Facebook, Google, BP, Goldman Sachs, B of A, etc., will all form their own armies. And probably do it for less than they are now spending to bribe Congress, the Executive Office, and the Courts. So their stock prices should rise as their expenses drop.


During the transition to armying-up, the corporations will no longer have to put up with the annoyance of the occasional too-greedy Representative or Senator or President or Justice, who wants to negotiate to increase his take from the industry-agreed-upon scale of bribes. At the first sign of intransigence, the corporations will just rent and dispatch a Blackwater/Xe Special Forces ‘Seal’ Team to take the miscreant out.


Once these corporate private armies are nuke-equipped (which shouldn’t take long, Israel is jumping on this great new business opportunity, and is already entering negotiations with Eric Prince to start supplying Blackwater/Xe with unlimited numbers of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons), they’ll be able to rule the world with no dissent, as their ‘god’ intended and promised them, in their ‘Book of Mammon’.


And then, thank ‘god’, the people of the US will no longer have to abide the current absurd political party system, and the inane speeches, posturings, and other frivolities of the republicans, democrats, and occasional weird fringe ‘third-party’ mopes. The people will be able to relax and just follow the demands and dictates of their true ‘leaders/rulers’, the corporate CEO’s, the Plutocrats of the financial ‘industry’, the MSM, AIPAC, and the other various nefarious amoral gangs that have arisen and corrupted the ideals of the American Dream in order to achieve financial ‘success’.

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