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AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile USA

Guest Michelle

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Guest Michelle

An agreement was announced under which AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA. The agreement is the first step in a process that, including regulatory approvals, is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. Until then, we remain a separate company and continue to operate independently.


We know our customers, business partners and others may have many questions.


Here is some more information:


Q: Will I have to upgrade my T-Mobile 3G/4G device after the acquisition closes?


A: T-Mobile has no plans to alter our 3G / 4G network in any way that would make your device obsolete. The deal is expected to close in approximately 12 months. After that, decisions about the network will be AT&T’s to make. That said, the president and CEO of AT&T Mobility was quoted in the Associated Press saying “there’s nothing for [customers] to worry about… [network changes affecting devices] will be done over time… ”


Q: Will T-Mobile USA’s quality be reduced?


A: No. In fact, the combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA will offer an even stronger service to customers. Until the acquisition is closed, we will work hard to maintain our position as the value leader with America’s largest 4G network.


Q: Should I wait to sign-up with T-Mobile USA or upgrade my phone?


A: There is no greater time than now to become a T-Mobile customer or upgrade your service or device. T-Mobile USA offers an industry leading lineup of smartphones, tablets and other mobile broadband devices on America’s Largest 4G Network. The combination of AT&T and T-Mobile USA would mean even stronger service for our customers.


Q: Is T-Mobile USA getting the iPhone?


A: T-Mobile USA remains an independent company, as the acquisition is expected to be completed in approximately 12 months. We’ll continue to offer cutting-edge 4G devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, as well as the new Sidekick 4G, the T-Mobile G2x and the G-Slate tablet coming later this spring.


Q: Will my rate plan change because of the acquisition?


A: All customer contracts entered into before the change of ownership will be honored [for their applicable period].


Q: Will my service or bill change due to the AT&T announcement?


A: No. While AT&T and T-Mobile have agreed to an acquisition, it will not be finalized for an estimated 12 months. Until that time, T-Mobile customers will not see any significant changes to their current T-Mobile experience as a result of the pending transaction. If the acquisition is approved AT&T will honor the terms of each T-Mobile customer’s contract.


Q: How does the acquisition impact non-contracted customers?


A: As with all customers, there isn’t an impact to T-Mobile customers who are not on term contracts today. T-Mobile will continue to offer our great low prices. If the deal is approved, after it closes, customers can choose whether to stay with AT&T or not.


Q: I have a deposit with T-Mobile as part of the deposit product program. How do I get my deposit back?


A: There will be no change to the deposit return process if the acquisition by AT&T is completed. Deposit customers will continue to receive service under the terms of their T-Mobile contract.


Q: AT&T does not currently offer unlimited data. Will T-Mobile follow that same course?


A: Until the deal closes (assuming it does), which is estimated to take 12 months, T-Mobile and AT&T are completely separate and competing organizations. T-Mobile will continue to base its decisions on what’s best for its business and customers.


Q: What does this mean for prepaid?


If or until the deal closes, which is estimated to take 12 months, T-Mobile and AT&T are completely separate and competing organizations. T-Mobile will continue to base its decisions on what’s best for its business and customers.


Q: Will T-Mobile’s 4G network rollout plans change as a result of this announcement?


A: T-Mobile will continue to expand America’s Largest 4G Network and double its speed in more than two dozen markets, starting with Las Vegas, New York and Orlando this week. We will continue to build on our 4G network advantage this year, providing customers with rich and compelling mobile data experiences. Longer term, T-Mobile’s future network evolution will be determined when we have worked through the regulatory process and have closed the agreement with AT&T.

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