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Pure Hoodia Gordonii Succulent Diet Pills

Guest Karrin

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I just started using pure hoodia gordonii succulent diet pills and my results have been very positive. :D I take one 400mg capsule right when I wake up in the morning and another one about 30min. before lunch with a large class of water. I'm not hungry and I still have lot's of energy. Sometimes I'll take one before dinner or late at night if I'm going out. There is no nervious reaction to the product either. I did a lot of research on the internet before I purchased the product and the best place to look is The Hoodia Factor. They list a product called Pure Hoodia that is the lowest priced on the internet.


Karrin :rolleyes:

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Hi, I too have found Hoodia 400mg to be the best and have lost 25lbs in 6 weeks. I use Hoodia Super Slim from hoodia.msn-messenger.com and they are even cheaper then you paid.


It dont matter where you get your Hoodia from, just get on it if you want to drop the lbs

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Im curious about hoodia,....


apart from not eating because you were not hungry, did you alter your diet or exercise at all? How long before you noticed effects? Did you use the maximum reccomended doses or minimum?




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Guest _sluimers_

I'm using hoodia from www.aloe.za.com, but I'm not sure wha the effects should be.

I wonder, how should a hoodia capsule look and taste like. Does it make the hunger stop? Or does it make you feel stuffed? Like you feel you can't eat anymore even when you wanna. I'm really sure it doesn't do the latter that to me. I just ate four pills and then a banana with ease.

But I do think it could be that I just no longer feel hungry now. Like the need to eat has dissappeared, but I dunno if that's the pills doing that.

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Nat.TRIM with Natural HOODIA BOTANICAL EXTRACT!!! Trim down the easy way! Visit: http://www.dietsworld.com


( Hoodia gordonii is a succulent plant found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The San Tribesmen of the Kalahari have been using hoodia as a food source for thousands of years. Newly discovered Hoodia Gordonii helps Americans lose weight and fight obesity. The cactus-like plant that grows in South Africa was featured on 60 minutes, and is helping fight obesity in the United States )





Yes! DIETSWORLD sells ALL The “Str.Light Int.” Products!


Visit: http://www.dietsworld.com


We carry all the Str.LIGHT World Famous Products, including: “Nat.TRIM” “TOT.REJUV.” “Lfe.Guard” “Str.Beauty” AND MORE!

DIETSWORLD.COM is proud to offer this Entire Line Doctor recommended, 100% Money Back GUARANTEED, All Natural, Health, Wellness, & Beauty Products!

And, as Nation-Wide Distributors, DIETSWORLD.COM serves the Entire U.S.A!

See http://www.dietsworld.com


When buying products at DietsWorld:

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#2- You should receive your products in about 4 business days.

#3- You will have all the Support, Personal Confidence, and Privacy, that DIETSWORLD.COM is famous for.

If you would prefer to place your order by the Toll Free 800#, or you have any questions,

please e-mail us at : answers@dietsworld.com : or call our Office anytime at:

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See you at DIETSWORLD!


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Nat.TRIM with Natural HOODIA BOTANICAL EXTRACT!!! Trim down the easy way!


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Guest HGPills.com

We carry 750 mg 100% CERTIFIED Hoodia Gordonii. 120 caps for only $28.95. Read the recent CBSNews 60 Minutes report from our website: http://www.hgpills.com


Be sure and click on the certificate of analysis.


Thanks for reading! Hoodia is definately worth taking a chance on!

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Ok, I do sell Hoodia Gordonii. But why? Because I've been searching all my life (48 yrs) for something to help me! And.. I've tried EVERYTHING.. even the diet patch.. oh my. I have spent many many hours, days, weeks, months (you get the picture) researching and came across a term or word that I had never seen before: "Hoodia".


I found some on the internet, ordered it, and have been taking it for a few days. I put up a website, sell it on ebay. and have given it to all my friends to try. And.. it works for all of them. ONE lady at work said it had no effect on her but I prompted her to try it again. Later that day, during lunch, while she was eating, I asked her how the hoodia is doing.. she shrugged and said she's not really hungry but she has to eat because she's a diabetic. I asked her if her food was good.. she said no.. it doesn't really taste good. BINGO! That's what hoodia does. It takes your cravings away. Eating is not nearly as pleasurable! Don't look for it to give you energy. It doesn't do that. You'll even forget you've taken it. You'll eat less.


As soon as more folks try it and then buy it, I'm sure the prices are going to sky rocket. It's a slow growing cactus and they don't project having enough to supply the US with it until about 2008. Get you some and try it. Geez, for $28.95 (currently) it's worth trying!




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Some very interesting information about HOODIA: Please read!


Hoodia Botanical cacti was discovered first in the semi-deserts of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Angola. There are about 20 species in this family but the cactus gordonii is the one that contains a natural appetite suppressant.

The Hoodia plant is a genus in the Asclepiadaceae family. There are approximately 20 species in the genus. The unusual flowers are flat and saucer-like in shape and red, purple to brown or mottled dark yellow in colour. Flowers form prolifically near the stem tips in summer. The short stems are many angled with white spikes appearing at short intervals on each angle. Stems are single or branch forming, they occur in variable shades of green. Plants are found in a large part of Southern Africa, also other desert living circumstance.

Deep inside the African Kalahari desert, grows an ugly cactus called the Hoodia. It thrives in extremely high temperatures, and takes years to mature. The Hoodia gordonii has become lately in the spot light of a public interest as a supplement for diet by suppressing hunger and thirst. Since time immemorial, the succulent Hoodia has grown in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa and has been eaten by the San bushmen during their long hunting trips. Its juice takes the edge off appetite and thirst, and has enabled the hunters to respect their tradition of bringing home their entire catch, without eating of it on the way.

The San Bushmen of the Kalahari, one of the world's oldest and most primitive tribes, had been eating the Hoodia for thousands of years, to stave off hunger. During their hunting trips they cut off a stem of the Hoodia cactus about the size of a cucumber, and munched on it over a couple of days.

The Haioms of northern Namibia still use Hoodia sap to treat allergic reactions in the eyes, and to treat severe stomach pain they boil Hoodia pieces in water and drink the brew.


The Anikhwe of northern Botswana feed children who "eat too much" pieces of Hoodia to make them eat less. Already decades ago obese members of the Khomani community of north-western South Africa were eating the Hoodia to slim down, or to maintain a high energy level. In the old days people consumed the plant to meet the requirements of a healthy body whereas today overweight young people do so to slim down to meet the requirements of fashion. Now the Hoodia, which grows to 6ft - taller than the bushmen themselves - is in the centre of public interest the cactus also attracted the interest of the Western drug industry.

Extracts from the Hoodia plant have shown in clinical trials on obese subjects to reduce caloric intake by 30% to 40%. Significant weight loss has resulted from such a drop in caloric intake. Cultivating these slow growing plants can be difficult, they need temperatures of at least 10 -16 oC (50-61 F) in sun or shade. There are about 20 species in this family. The plant form a clump of short, upright stem in pale green.


The History of Hoodia Discovery: In 1937, a Dutch anthropologist studying the San indigenous people in the Kalahari desert near what is now the South Africa-Namibia border noted that they sucked on the Hoodia plant as an appetite suppressant and thirst quencher. These bushmen did not eat on their two to three day hunts; instead, they munched on the stem of this succulent to suppress their hunger and thirst. The San people, known for their survival skills, rock art, trance-dancing and mystic symbiosis with their semi-desert or savannah environment, can trace their heritage back some 27,000 years on the basis of rock paintings drawn by their ancestors. The reason it has taken so long to bring this natural compound to the marketplace has to do with modern research methodology since the effects were first observed in 1937 by a Dutch anthropologist studying the San Bushman of the Kalahari Desert. He noticed that they munched on the stem of a certain variety of Hoodia plant as an appetite suppressant and thirst quencher before and during nomadic hunts through the sandswept and sparsely vegetated area.


Interestingly, the San, who can trace their heritage back 27,000 years based on rock paintings, are one of the world's oldest and most primitive tribes. They have known about the properties of Xhoba for thousands of years. Besides alleviating hunger and thirst, Hoodia Gordonii botanical also provides a state of alertness but without the jittery feeling produced by the current Western diet remedy of ephedra stacked with caffeine. Thus it is an ideal choice for days' long hunts where prey is tracked over hundreds of miles.


Hoodia sat on the back shelf in a lab for almost another thirty years when South African scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) began studying it. Lab animals fed the flesh of the cactus lost weight, but otherwise suffered no ill effects.


What is Hoodia? Does Hoodia Help Weight Loss? .... Hoodia is an ugly cactus that first discovered the African Kalahari desert. It thrives in extremely high temperatures, and takes years to mature. Kalahari natives been eating the Hoodia for thousands of years. Scientists using extracts of Hoodia believe they can manufacture an organic diet pill that reduces appetite and attacks obesity. Because Hoodia has no known side-effects, and contains a powerful molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full, experts consider that, when properly developed and tested, Hoodia weight loss pills may be a solution to the obesity epidemic.


Why we need Hoodia? Obesity is a growing problem in Western countries, where 100 million people are dangerously overweight. Doctors say excessive weight gain causes a myriad of medical problems including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the onset of strokes.


The truth about food after 40 is that it is required for maintenance only. We really don't need to eat that much to keep healthy, trim and fit. The problem is we live in a culture that forces food at us. Here in America the tendency is to snack all day. For many of us there are no meal times. We sneak down to the fridge at two in the morning and hit the snacks, consume huge amounts of calories and still not feel full. We think too much about food, and make too many ceremonies around it. But how can we stop? The miracle of Hoodia Botanical is that it's able to do it for you! Hoodia extracts gives you the freedom and control you've always wanted. It allows you to lose weight in the knowledge and comfort that you'll never miss out on a luncheon, dinner, or festive occasion again for fear of overeating.


Hoodia Botanical works by mimicking the effect that glucose has on nerve cells in the brain in effect fooling the body into thinking it is full, even when it is not, thus curbing the appetite. The irony that some of the world's most overfed people may benefit from some of the hungriest was not lost on the San. "At first people here were a bit shocked," said a professor at the South African San Institute and a campaigner for the rights of indigenous tribes. "Why would anybody want to lose weight by eating the hoodia plant? Because it's meant for when you're traveling across the desert and you don't have enough to eat. So we thought it was a bit weird." hoodia extracts kills the appetite and attacks obesity, is organic with no synthetic or artificial appetite control agents, has no known side effects, contains a miracle molecule (up to 100000 times more powerful than glucose) that fools the brain into believing you are full, and even stops you from thinking about food. But it actually does MORE... hoodia extracts also have a natural feel-good aphrodisiac quality. Plus, this wonder-plant from which it's made is said to give the San tribesmen abundant energy to hunt by day and, superhuman-like strength to make love all night long! It is also known to cure hangovers and upset stomachs too... What more could you ask?


Since Hoodia Contains a powerful molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full, experts consider that, when properly developed and tested, Hoodia weight loss formulas may be a solution to the obesity epidemic.


Within the mid-brain there are nerve cells that sense glucose sugar. When you eat, blood sugar goes up and these nerve cells signal that you are full. The Hoodia Molecule P57 is about 10,000 times as active as glucose. It goes to the mid-brain and actually makes those nerve cells react as if you were full. But you have not eaten. Nor do you want to.


Clinical Diet and Weight Loss Trials of Hoodia: The first animal trials for Hoodia were on rats. Rats will eat literally anything. But after being given Hoodia they stopped eating completely. When the first human clinical trial was conducted, a morbidly obese group of people were placed in a "phase 1 unit", a place like a prison. All the volunteers could do all day was read papers, watch television, and eat. Half were given Hoodia, half placebo. Fifteen days later, the Hoodia group had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 a day.

These remarkable weight control results are

the reason why scientists see Hoodia weight loss pills as a potential answer to obesity and severe overweight.

*Ending your cravings for habit-forming substances such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and drugs.

*Shrink your stomach to its normal size, making it easier to control the quantity of food eaten.

*Boost your mental clarity by flushing away chemicals, food additives and preservatives.

*Break your bad eating habits to achieve or maintain your desired weight.Lose weight.

*Cleanse your digestive tract of accumulated waste and bacteria.


Frequently Asked Hoodia Botanical Questions:


Q:How does Hoodia formula actually work?

Hoodia formula contain Hoodia Gordonii Cactus extract. the Hoodia cactus contains a molecule that is estimated to be up to 100000 times as potent as glucose in sending a signal to the brain that the body is in a state of satiety, or in common terms: not hungry. and you may read more from the mechanism of Hoodia mentioned above. Hoodia formula simply takes away your craving for food instantly.


Q:Are Hoodia formula safe?

Yes! Not only are Hoodia formula completely free of dangerous stimulants like Ephedra, Ephedrine, Guarana and Caffeine as well as additives and fillers, Hoodia formula is a 100% natural dietary supplement with no addition of synthetical substances.


Visit us at http://www.trimbay.com or http://www.dietsworld.com for more information


Lose the extra pounds + TRIM down The Natural Way!


Thank you, See you at Club TrimBAY! Go to : http://www.trimbay.com

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Guest Hoodoba is the worst!

I bought three bottles of a hoodia product called Hoodoba Pure because they had all of these people on their webpages that said that they lost weight using their product. I bought the special 3 bottle pack. After about two days of taking the Hoodoba Pure I started getting headachs so I sent it back for the 30 day refund. About three weeks later I received the bottles back in the mail saying that they had been rejected. When I emailed Hoodoba their response was that I was over my 30 days! That was a total lie and they know it!


At least I was able to sell the other two unopened bottles on Ebay to some other sucker. I started using another Hoodia product called Hoodia Plus and it is working great, I'm losing about a pound a day and there are no side effects plus the Hoodia Plus cost a lot less than the Hoodoba Pure did.

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Guest wizzard

Hey guys,


i've been using hoodia gordonii capsules for a while now and it's definitely suppressing my hunger... I just need to get off my butt and do some excercise... But i'm definitely reducing my caloric intake...


Got my hoodia off http://www.Ethnoafrica.Co.Uk becuase they passed the newstarget test... Http://www.Newstarget.Com/011425.Html


has anyone else tried ethnoafrica?


I will keep you guys posted with my progress...


All the best


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It sure sounds like the placebo effect is working real good...or a bunch of you have a vested interest in peddling hoodia. As in my usual way of doing things...I'm learning the hard way- again. Hoodia 750 is worthless much like the manufacturers of it. HERE IS SOUND ADVICE BEFORE BUYING ANY HOODIA PRODUCT. *** Can I get my money back if not satisfied?***


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Friday May, 20th 8:00 am Eastern Time


News Release


SOURCE: Cyber News Network, LLC


Pure Hoodia, Inc. Helps FDA in investigation of counterfit Hoodia operation.



SUN CITY, Ca.--( C.N.N./ CyberNewsNetwork )--May 20, 2005 - Spokesperson for Pure Hoodia, Inc. told C.N.N. today that they are currently working with local FDA criminal investigations special agent Zachary Timko to blow the lid off of what could be the nations largest counterfeit Hoodia operation. Currently under Federal investigation is Steve Wingard of Ashley Industries in Round Rock, TX. Mr. Wingard who for the past two years has claimed to supply TrimSpa and other major manufactures with his Hoodia Gordonii Succulent.


Pure Hoodia, Inc. became involved with the FDA criminal investigation after purchasing a small amount of bulk Hoodia Gordonii Succulent powder from Steve Wingard that is being turned over to special agent Zachary Timko as evidence for the FDA along with a copy of the receipt and COA that Mr. Wingard provided Pure Hoodia, Inc. According to special agent Timko, the material purchased by Pure Hoodia, Inc. could be the key to their criminal investigation.


Pure Hoodia, Inc. told C.N.N. that many newcomers are trying to capitalize on the Hoodia diet frenzy because many unscrupulous types believe that selling Hoodia is an easy way to make a fast buck on unsuspicious dieters. When this happens many innocent consumers get burned by counterfeit and inferior Hoodia products that don't deliver on Hoodias potential results.


Since 2003 Pure Hoodia, Inc. was the first in America to offer 100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii Succulent in 400mgs capsules and they offer a 100% money back guarantee with any product that they sell. To find out more about Pure Hoodias' all natural 400mg capsules or their Pure Hoodia Plus diet capsules you can visit their website at www.PureHoodia.com





Questions or Comments Contact:


Pure Hoodia, Inc.

PO Box 63

Sun City, Ca. 92586




Pure Hoodia



© CyberNewsNetwork


100% Pure Hoodia Diet Pills made from "Miracle Hoodia Cactus" Hoodia Gordonii Diet Tablets, Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills, Hoodia Gordonii Appetite Suppressants. Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Diet Pill, Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Diet Tablets, Hoodia Gordonii Appetite Suppressants, Hoodia Gordonii Slimming Pills, Hoodia Gordonii Slimming Tablets, Hoodia Slimming Tablets, Hoodia Slimming Pills, Hoodia Appetite Suppressants, Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Slimming Pills, Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Slimming Tablets, Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Diet Tablets, Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills, Hoodia Gordonii, hoodia gordony, whodia gordony, whodea gordony, hoodea gordonee, hoodea gordoni, hoodea gordony, hodia gordonii, hodia gordonee, hodia gordonee, hodia gordoni, hoodea gordonii

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Guest Pure Hoodia is #1

Anytime you run a search under "Pure Hoodia" or "Pure Hoodia Plus" the company that comes up ranked number one most often in your search is Pure Hoodia, Inc. That's because Pure Hoodia, Inc. was the first Pure Hoodia company on the internet and the first company in the country to offer Pure Hoodia Gordonii Succulent in dietary capsules. Since then many other companies have painstakingly tried to copy Pure Hoodia, Inc.


According to a spokesperson at Pure Hoodia, Inc. "When you're number one and you're the oldest company in the country to offer Pure Hoodia diet capsules a lot of the Jonnie come lately types want to try to knock you down." Pure Hoodia, Inc. started importing Hoodia Gordonii Succulent from South Africa almost a year before before other so called Hoodia companies started showing up. "We were even selling Pure Hoodia capsules before TrimSpa added Hoodia into their formula."


Many companies claim to be the original Hoodia company in America but no one can dispute the fact that Pure Hoodia, Inc. was the first company to offer all natural Pure Hoodia Gordonii Succulent in capsule form in the United States.

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Guest Independent Perspective

Guys and Gals,


It is quite clear that Pure Hoodia Inc have been exposed as nothing more than a group of unscrupulous fraudsters.


Save your money and do the research - and buy a decent brand! I'm not endorsing anyone - just asking you to do the research and buy from a real Hoodia provider. The real stuff works! Buy directly from a farmer if you can or call these companies up and ask them to prove where they get their Hoodia from.


All the best...

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