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Everybody thinks that he is God!!!


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Everybody thinks that he is God!!!

The Veda is a collection of poems and poetry always involves the figures of speech. People have misunderstood this tradition of poetry and took God actually as awareness. Hence, everybody thinks that he is God. Shankara used this misunderstanding to introduce theism to atheists. The atheist will never agree to the existence of the separate God. He will accept the existence of God only if he is said to be God since nobody denies his own existence. This trick was used by Shankara to make atheist believe in the existence of God at the very outset. If the existence is not accepted, further details will never be heard. When the details were completely heard and analyzed, one will easily be convinced that he is not God.


This is the development of teaching method as per the psychology of a set of students. Shankara practically demonstrated to His disciples that everybody is not God by swallowing the molten Lead and by asking them to drink it similarly if everybody is God. The Advaita philosopher does not still leave the hope by saying that he is unable to drink molten led since his memory power that he is God is not fully restored. He continues the efforts to regain the full memory power that he is God. He will memorize this concept through [out] his life time and cannot go even near to molten Lead even at the time of death. What more foolishness can be there in this world than this?

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