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Atman should mean any human being


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Atman should mean any human being


The application of root meaning (yoga) of a word can result in several items. For example, the word ‘Pankaja’ by root meaning means that which is born from mud. It can be a Lotus flower or a conch shell. But, the root meaning is fixed in one item only (rudha) as per the strength of general usage. Therefore, the word Pankaja means only Lotus flower by yoga as well as rudha. Such a word is called as yogarudha. Similarly, the word Atman means that which extends into space. It can be soul, which is the nervous energy that can extend into nerves. It can be human body that extends into space by growth. It can be air that extends into space in a room. It can be several items, which extend into space. But, the word Atman is fixed in the soul by way of general usage. As per the dictionary, the word can be also used in the body. The soul is always associated with the body. The soul cannot be identified without body.


By way of this constant association also, Atman can mean the body that covers the soul. Therefore, the word Atman means a human being consisting of human body with its soul in it. In conclusion, Atman means a human being. A human being can be Myself or yourself or somebody else. Therefore, it need not be confined to Myself only. Generally, people take the word Atman applying through each one of themselves. Such meaning can be taken, but cannot be confined to that only. Therefore, the word Atman should mean any human being.

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