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Guest Lick Bush

The founder of the group Texans for Truth said Tuesday that he is offering $50,000 to anyone who can prove President Bush fulfilled his service requirements, including required duties and drills, in the Alabama Air National Guard in 1972.


Glenn Smith, said in a statement.


"Bush's dishonesty about missing from service during Vietnam goes to the heart of his presidency. He was dishonest then just as he is misleading us about why we went to war with Iraq. He dodges responsibility then just as he dodges responsibility for Iraq today."

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Guest PA Doctor

As we all know, doctors do need some measure of control because there are a lot of bad doctors, but since I am a doctor, as well, I am not looking to support someone who is going to sue me, but when the alternative is so bad, someone who supports some legal recourse to malpractice doesn't seem at all bad.


A healthcare plan that helps pay for part of the catastrophic medical bills that Kerry favors will help all doctors receive more money because the number of uninsured patients will shrink which means that fewer patients will pay nothing. As we all know, insurance agencies pay about 50 cents on the dollar for every billed amount and we are currently billing a lot of the patients who are insured to offset the amount that the uninsured owe. We all stand to benefit by a Kerry plan because we will receive more consistent payment. Now, Bush says he wants to end frivolous lawsuits, but how? The knee-jerk response that 'lawyers are bad' is all Bush is offering.


Who do people turn to if someone is wronged, medical or not? Just saying lawyers are bad is too simple.


The Bush plan offers stop-gap health savings accounts. Those of us in Emergency medicine stand to gain almost nothing from that. This doesn't help the uninsured. Doesn't, then, help us.


Finally, Edwards sued and won for primarily childhood injury and illness. I have not read the cases, but I suspect that many of these cases were not frivolous. If they were, don't you think the current leading party would have opened these up for attack in the public forum?


I am clearly pro-Kerry, but I am also horribly anti-Bush.

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Am I the only who thinks that what we really need is Malpractice Insurance reform, instead of tort reform?


As a patient , I don't see my doctor as a God, I see him or her as person who is doing the best that they can.


By the way, I am a republican.


The problem as i see it " other than what I stated in my opening remark" is that the people who actually form policy are usually 22 to 26 year olds. In congress, and in the Senate you don't have actuall adults who have life expereience working there.


I worked in Congress, and everywhere around me I was surrounded by kids, you are getting this from a person who has first hand knowledge.


For the Congressmen I worked for on medical issuess, I had to be sneaky about it, I was not allowed to ask doctors, lawyers, on what was the best way to produce legislation that would make the medical system run smoothly.


For the people reading this post, do not think that my case is isolated, in every Congressional and Senatorial office it's the same thing, you have kids, and not proffessionals working there. Yes!! it's really that simple, and that sad.


I don't work in congress any more, but I am still a Republican, and will be voting for Bush.



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