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Petrobras and Google together in the Amazon Forest!

Guest Ecoguy

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Guest Ecoguy

Petrobras and Google have teamed in an unprecedented partnership to present the virtual world a new look on Amazon. The Brazilian oil company's Web site shows the riches of the forest.


Google Maps and Google Earth provide maps, photos and records of the region with details that show a unique experience for researchers, scientists and merely curious about the region's biodiversity.


Free http://www.petrobras.com.br/biomapas and discover that more than 100 species native to the Amazon are at your fingertips with minimal details and peculiarities.



The site map was detailed from the studies conducted by researchers who analyze Petrobras ecosystems in the vicinity of the oil province of Urucu - production base in the Amazon state. By Clayton Fernandes. http://www.royalbusinessconsult.com.br/home

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