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Guest Kathryn Korfonta



My name is Kathryn Korfonta and I am an editor with Arcadia Publishing in Charleston, South Carolina. As the editor responsible for our titles in Virginia and Washington, DC, I am very interested in informing area community leaders, historians, professionals, genealogists, libraries, and museums about the publishing opportunities that lie with us.


We publish a popular series of photographic histories called Images of America, which is available in many bookstores throughout the country. Our series chronicles the histories of communities, towns, cities, and counties around the nation. We also publish several other series as well, among them: Postcard History, Images of Sports, Black America, and Campus History.


I do want to emphasize that, unlike many local history publishers, we are not a vanity press. Rather, we finance the entire publication and pay royalties to the author, which makes it a great fundraiser for organizations.


I am interested in adding a photographic history of an area of Washington DC or to Virginia to our 2005 program that explores and promotes the wonderful stories, photographs, and history of an area of Virginia or DC--the arts, music, and folklore, etc. I am mainly interested in a straightforward photographic history of the area that does not necessarily have a specific focus, other than the community itself--culture, schools, churches, people, events, historic sites, etc.


If you would like to receive more information about our company, please contact me. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in working on a photographic history of an area of Washington DC or Virginia, please pass on my contact information as well.


Kathryn Korfonta

Acquisitions Editor


420 Wando Park Blvd.

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

843.853.2070 ext. 132






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