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My Fear of Radiation Exposure

Guest Cally Dreamin

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Guest Cally Dreamin

I am hearing that radioactive particulate matter may hit Hawaii and California. I know it is just speculation, but pollution from China hits the United States. Therefore this leads me and friends to believe radiation might disperse on us as well.


Just as a precaution I want to get some There is still no good news everybody is sold out of them until April. Where can I get some?


There are 2 approved brands iOSAT and Life Extension, they are 130mg. There are alot of suppliers of lower dose KI from different vitamin and mineral manufactures. Ebay however is flooded with iOSAT pills for an enormously high price $99.00 for 14 pills compared to around $10 for 14 pills.(Vultures) There are some other suppliers selling 130mg pills on there as well but


Does anyone know if they are CDC approved.

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The Japanese authorities Monday recommended evacuation to 20 kilometers around the affected reactors and said that persons out to 30 kilometers should shelter in place.


Those recommendations parallel the protective actions the United States would suggest should dose limits reach 1 rem to the entire body and 5 rem for the thyroid, an organ particularly susceptible to radiation uptake. The currently reported Japanese radiation measurements are well below these guidelines.


A rem is a measure of radiation dose. The average American is exposed to approximately 620 millirems, or 0.62 rem, of radiation each year from natural and manmade sources.

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