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How to judge the true knowledge?


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How to judge the true knowledge?


Not only the knowledge must be true, but also the way of explanation must be best


Veda says that the true spiritual knowledge itself is God. The possessor of true spiritual knowledge and the best preacher of such true spiritual knowledge is the true spiritual knowledge and its best explanation only. You need not search the possessor of knowledge by going to various places. The knowledge given by a preacher is printed in the form of books. You can read various books, which are the messages given by various preachers. You can judge the true knowledge explained in best way. How to judge the true knowledge? It is said that your inner consciousness is the best judge (Pramanamantahkaranapravruttayah). When something is true, your inner consciousness will always prick you, saying that it is truth, even though you may not like it. Similarly your inner consciousness will say the false thing as false, even though you may like it. Actually God is giving this hint to you through your inner consciousness.


Sometimes, the knowledge may be true, but, if the explanation is not good, you will be having confusion. Even in such situation, your inner consciousness hints you that it is true. Ofcourse, if the true knowledge is explained in best way, you will not have any confusion. Therefore, not only the knowledge must be true, but also the way of explanation must be best. When both these aspects are accomplished, know that the preacher of such true knowledge explained in best way is God alone.


Such preacher is called as Satguru. Guru is the preacher and may give the true knowledge, which was already given by God through the scripture. But the best explanation of it, clarifying all your doubts is possible to God alone (chidyante sarvasamsayah).


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