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People mistake God in human form as ordinary being


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People mistake God in human form as ordinary being

When God comes in the human form, that itself starts illusion in your mind. You will mistake the Lord as an ordinary co-human being since you are affected by the common properties of the external human medium. The birth, growth, illness, thirst, hunger, other qualities like worldly desires and final death confuse you to recognize the Lord. You must separate the inner permanent soul from the external human body since all the above mentioned properties do not touch the soul. Therefore, the Lord started Gita with such separation in the second chapter, which is the beginning of Gita. If you are able to separate the soul and body, you will be easily separating the super soul or God from the body in the human incarnation. At the same time, you should separate the soul and God also so that you will not mistake the soul existing in every human body as God.



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