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The miracles are required only for the ignorant people and not for the realized souls.


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The miracles are required only for the ignorant people and not for the realized souls.


The super power is exhibited to show the divinity. Hanuman (a great devotee of God) is born to Anjani, who is the wife of Kesari. The story says that Vayu (air) carried on the sperm of Lord Shiva to Anjani and then Hanuman was born. Some other story says that Vayu was attracted to Anjani and Hanuman was born to both of them. Here Shiva is invisible. Vayu (air) is inert. Anjani has given birth to Hanuman without any contact with Kesari which shows the invisible divine interaction. This shows that Hanuman is the divine incarnation. The super natural part in this story has such purpose only. If you realize the divinity of Hanuman, there is no need of this story. You can say that Hanuman is born to Anjani and Kesari and here Hanuman means only the body and not God in it.


For the generation of body no super power is required because the body can be generated in a natural way itself. It is foolish to use super power when the natural alternative is possible. The super power enters only when all the natural alternatives are closed. Similarly, Jesus is born to Mary without the interaction of her engaged bridegroom. This story reveals the divinity of Jesus. But if you have realized the divinity of Jesus through His knowledge, such story is not necessary. To draw the attention of ignorant people who cannot realize the divinity of Hanuman or Jesus, such story is created. To create the human body for God, super power is not necessary for realized souls. For realized souls, these stories are not at all required. You can straightly say that the body of Hanuman or Jesus was generated by the union of the parents.


In the case of Jesus, you need not criticize Mary who was not married. The engagement itself is marriage as per the ethical scripture of Manu (Vacha Datta..). These stories are certainly required for the ignorant people who cannot recognize Hanuman or Jesus otherwise. Therefore, miracles are required only for the ignorant people and not for the realized souls.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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