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Miracles, Scientists, Atheist and God


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Miracles, Scientists, Atheist and God


Miracles are very widely distributed in the world to give proof for the existence of the God to every human being, which is the basic requirement. If you pray sincerely in a temple or even in open place, generally God gives you His answer through a miracle. Many have witnessed this in their lives. Some times due to the inevitable fruits of your past deeds, God keeps silent for some time and that time is used in your transformation. Hence, scientists call this as probability or coincidence of events. Hence, God demonstrates specific miracles in human form to meet this twisted interpretation of scientists or atheists. Even devotees and even demons do specific miracles. God has given a wide coverage for spreading miracles since it involves the very basic issue of His existence.


Scientists have to accept the existence of unimaginable nature from the practical example of unimaginable limits of this infinite Universe. Scientists may reject miracles but can’t reject the unimaginable limits of space. One instance of existence of unimaginable entity is sufficient to prove the existence of unimaginable God. The miracles act as supporting evidences of the same concept.

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