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Miracle of Dattaswami


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Miracle of Dattaswami

There is no use of miracles in Nivrutti

Miracles are useful to change the theists converted into atheists temporarily by ignorance. Cosmic vision was useful to rectify Arjuna and Udanka but the same vision was not useful at all to bring even a trace of change in Duryodhana. The Lord in preaching Gita spent Lot of time and very little time was spent in showing cosmic vision. It is the Gita that transformed Arjuna and cosmic vision plays a minor role only, because Arjuna continued questioning the Lord even after cosmic vision. In such case, mere miracles without knowledge are of no use at all. Devotees to solve their problems only but not to change them will exploit mere miracles.


I like to tell you about a small miracle shown by Lord Datta through this human body. A devotee does not believe the concept of human incarnation and he believes that only the statue of Lord Venkateshwara on the seven hills is the God. His wife is believer of the concept of contemporary human incarnation and was devoted to God Datta through this human form. Several times she had smelt the divine scents given by Lord Datta through Me. Her husband mocked at her ignorance. She prayed Me to change her husband also and make a devotee of human incarnation. Immediately, he also got the scent of lotus flowers from Me. He did not believe it and told that I am possessing some chemical with Me since I am a professor of chemistry. But the scent did not leave him even though he has gone to his house. He searched all over the house thoroughly stating that I might have placed some chemical in his house secretly with the help of his wife. No chemical was found. The scent did not leave him for one month continuously even though he left the city and went far and far from the city.


He left the city and stayed in other cities far from this city for several days but the scent does not leave him like the Vishnuchakra not leaving Durvasa. The intensity of scent increased day by day and became pungent. He consulted expert ENT doctors, who said that nothing was found. He does not change his concept and still denies the concept of human incarnation. Due to continuous scent, he became very much disturbed and dejected. He became all most a severe patient and finally fell down helplessly. His wife and other devotees asked him to accept the concept, but still he is standing on his original concept only. Finally his wife and other devotees prayed Me to withdraw the scent since his life is in danger without proper food and sleep. Immediately he was relieved from the scent. Still he is a believer of the statue of the Lord only! He told that I did some black magic on him! Therefore, there is no use of miracles in Nivrutti. They have some use in Pravrutti to create fear for sin due to existence of unimaginable power.

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