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A devotee has to come by himself or herself to God for pure Nivrutti


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A devotee has to come by himself or herself to God for pure Nivrutti

God never teaches the pure Nivrutti to devotee

Nivrutti with fruit of infinite bliss is stage of preaching and Nivrutti with miserable service is the stage of final test.

Assume that a fellow is fond of drinking wine, which is unjust bond. Drinking milk is good for health and it is the justified bond. But any lot of teaching about the merits of milk and defects of wine could not change him from drinking the wine that gives immediate happiness and he does not understand the health given by milk in long range. Now the only way left over is to preach him about God and about the unlimited happiness that can be derived from the association with God.


The existence of God is to be proved to him through a petty miracle. That creates faith in the existence of God in his mind and about the possible infinite happiness from God in future. Now the Nivrutti of God is introduced to him with the attraction of eternal bliss as best fruit of Nivrutti to attract him to Nivrutti and divert from wine. This is not pure Nivrutti in which no fruit is introduced including bliss.


In Pure Nivrutti, only miserable service is the fruit introduced to discourage the devotee. God never teaches the pure Nivrutti to devotee. The devotee comes by himself or herself to God for pure Nivrutti and does not go back in spite of hectic opposition from God. Gopikas in Bhagavatam are devotees of pure Nivrutti. Goloka is above the abode of God and God kept them on His head, but they were not having any desire for Goloka except the desire to be with Krishna. God gave them His eternal presence in the form of Krishna in Goloka. Arjuna in Bhagavatgita is a devotee of Nivrutti aimed at Pravrutti. The level of Gopikas is superior than that of Arjuna. Gopikas got salvation in that birth, but Arjuna got salvation after two births. Arjuna was also sage called as Nara and was almost near to the level of Gopikas and hence the Nivrutti preached in Gita is almost near to pure Nivrutti of Bhagavatam.


Krishna Himself preached Nivrutti to Arjuna and tried to attract him to God through Gita so that the bond with God can cut his bond with Bhishma. Any lot of stress given about the bonds of self, his sons and kingdom can’t cut his bond with his grandfather. Only the bond with God can cut his bond with Bhishma (grandfather). In the case of Gopikas, there is no need to try to attract them to God since they were already tremendously attracted to God. Hence, there is no need of preaching to Gopikas, who have already come to the test of Datta (Krishna) directly. They have already completed enough preaching in several past births.

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