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Veda says that one blessed soul sees God directly


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Veda says that one blessed soul sees God directly


Human incarnation is a homogeneous mixture of God (Narayana) and human being (Nara) existing as a single-phase alloy of two metals. The alloy of gold as major component and copper as minor component is taken as gold only. Similarly, human incarnation is taken as God. The live wire is treated as current. God is unimaginable even to intelligence and certainly none can see God with eyes (Na chakshusha….Veda). But Veda says that one blessed soul sees God directly (Kaschitdhirah….).


God as the pure component is not seen directly. Same God can be seen through a medium of human being (Manusheemtanum….Gita). Everybody takes Him as a human being only as seen by eyes. But only one blessed soul sees Him as God. Vyasa saw Krishna as God while preaching Gita to Arjuna and so he called Krishna as God (Bhagavan). After hearing Gita through Sanjaya, Dhrutarashtra called Krishna as a cheat, who made Arjuna to fight against his sons. Same Krishna was taken as God by Vyasa and as a cheat by Dhrutarashtra. The aspect as God is Nivrutti and as a co-human being in the society is Pravrutti.

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