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The training of the human being in the ritualistic path


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The training of the human being in the ritualistic path

The time to catch the contemporary human incarnation

The path of rituals denotes the absence of knowledge due to the absence of alive human form of God. The rituals involved the sacrifice of valuable materials for the sake of God. These materials are either wasted or stolen by the priests, business men and managements. Valuable food materials like ghee is burnt in fire and milk, honey, fruit juice, etc. are wasted in bathing the statues. This clearly shows full ignorance but the merit is that sacrifice for God is developed. The wastage of materials is inevitable because the aspirant has not yet conquered the ego and jealousy to recognize the alive human form of God, who has come down to the earth to enjoy at your sacrifice of such valuable materials in His worship to bless you.


Such sacrifice of materials is the proof of practical devotion. You are proving your deep love by such practical sacrifice towards your beloved family members and hence there is no debate in this point. In the first stage, such practical sacrifice is done by the human beings based on the business to give and take. The sacrifice of wealth and materials is for getting some benefits in return from God. In the initial stage, God also becomes a business man like Lord Venkateswara on seven hills. In course of time, the devotees are expected to develop real love to God by which the same practical sacrifice is done without aspiring anything in return. When this is achieved, the training of the human being in the ritualistic path is completed.


Now, if the ego and jealousy towards a co-human form is also achieved by doing such practical sacrifice of materials to poor devotees, the time to catch the contemporary human incarnation has come. Now the human being should analyze the real and relevant address of God through reasoning.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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