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Knowledge of the human incarnation spreads


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Knowledge of the human incarnation spreads


Another Vedic statement saying that all this world is God (sarvam khalvidam…) also means the same. The country ruled by the king, Kalinga, is called as Kalinga only. The region spread by the rule of Kalinga is called as Kalinga. This does not mean that the entire kingdom is the king himself in person. All these statements indicate the knowledge of the human incarnation spreading all over the world and this should not be mis-understood as the human incarnation Himself becoming all the world. In Rudram, existing in Veda, it is said that God hits the people with arrows released from His bow. This also indicates the human incarnations like Rama and Krishna, who punished the evil people with the help of bow and arrows. Apart from that, the bow stands for the knowledge and the arrows stands for the points.


God in human form hits everybody with His points through knowledge to kill their ignorance. Like this, all the Vedic statements can be rightly interpreted in the sense of human incarnation preaching the special knowledge.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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