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Norms of world & serving alive human form of God


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Norms of world & serving alive human form of God


To know that you are not God is as important as recognizing the contemporary human incarnation. If you feel that you are also God, there is no use of catching the alive human form of God. As a human being, you should follow the norms of the world and at the same time you should serve the alive human form of God after recognizing it. The first part of your behavior towards world is called as pravrutti and the simultaneous second part of your behavior towards the contemporary human incarnation is called as nivrutti. To preach both these aspects to the human beings, God Himself has taken simultaneous dual roles called as Rama and Hanuman.


Both are the incarnations of God but none felt that He is God. Even though the sages recognized Rama and praised Him as God, Rama denied their praise by saying that He is only a human being and knows Himself as Rama, the son of Dasaratha (Aatmanam manusham manye...). This indicates that you should never feel that you are God even though some ignorant preachers preach that you are God. Rama followed all the ethics, which are the commandments of God to the human beings regarding their behavior in the creation.


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