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3rd type of people maintain pravrutti and nivrutti


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3rd type of people maintain pravrutti and nivrutti


The third type of people want to maintain pravrutti and nivrutti simultaneously like Gopikas. Gopikas never allowed the clash between pravrutti and nivrutti. They gave butter to Krishna secretly. They met Krishna in the midnights secretly. They pleased the family members as well as God simultaneously. The Gita says that nivrutti should be maintained as the top secret (Rahasyam hyetaduttam…). Nivrutti has far higher value than pravrutti. But, this point should be kept secret so that the family members feel that your highest love is towards them only. This is not cheating the family. It is only avoiding the clash and avoiding the unnecessary displeasure of ignorant family members. However, if God brings the clash as a test, certainly God will prevail over the family. But, you should not bring that situation by yourself and hurt the family members. If this point is understood, Gopikas need not be blamed for cheating their family members and in fact, they stand as the ideal example for the people, who want to maintain pravrutti and nivrutti simultaneously. In the case of Hanuman, God brought the clash.


A war was developed between Rama and Hanuman. The mother of Hanuman wanted to protect some person and Rama wanted to kill the same person. A clash came up between pravrutti, the mother and nivrutti, the contemporary human incarnation. Hanuman took the side of the mother and fought with Rama. He realized the mistake in the end. In the next incarnation as Adi Shankara, He rectified the mistake by leaving the mother for the sake of God. Both Hanuman and Adi Shankara were incarnations of the same Shiva. Therefore, the Bhagavatam is the most scared book for the householders aspiring the salvation. When Parikshit, a householder asked the sage Suka for salvation, the sage preached the Bhagavatam to him.


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