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Meaning of ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’


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Meaning of ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’

[Phani asked about the ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’ used in the message of Swami. Infinite means unimaginable. Then, how the infinite becomes imaginable?]


Swami replied: If you say that the ocean is infinite, it only means that the boundary of the ocean is unimaginable and not the ocean. The ocean contains imaginable water. Therefore, this cosmic energy in which the manifested world exists is infinite, but, imaginable. The cosmic energy along with its manifested world is imaginable. The boundary of imaginable cosmic energy means that the imaginable cosmic energy stops there and its source, the unimaginable God, starts. When you say that some line is the boundary of the ocean, it means that the water stops there and the soil starts from there. Therefore, we say that the soil is beyond the ocean. Similarly, the unimaginable God is beyond this cosmic energy. The boundary of cosmic energy indicates the ending point of the imaginable cosmic energy and the starting point of unimaginable God. Therefore, that point becomes unimaginable.


A joining point existing between two imaginable areas is imaginable. But, the joining point existing between imaginable entity and unimaginable entity is always unimaginable. The unimaginable nature of the boundary is due to the unimaginable God. When the imaginable point and the unimaginable point mix, the unimaginable nature prevails. When the wood and fire mix, fire prevails. Therefore, the word ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’ means that the cosmic energy, which is the core, is imaginable and its boundary, which is infinite, is unimaginable.


The adjective ‘imaginable’ relates to the core cosmic energy. The adjective ‘infinite’ relates to its boundary. Hence, the word ‘imaginable infinite cosmic energy’. This cosmos is infinite. The cosmos means the inert cosmic energy along with its manifested matter. Both the cosmic energy and manifested matter are imaginable. The boundary of the cosmos is unimaginable and hence, becomes infinite because, the unimaginable God starts from the boundary of cosmos and therefore, God is said to be beyond cosmos.

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