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Recognition of Human Incarnation


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Recognition of Human Incarnation

The recognition of human incarnation should be done by the qualities of the spiritual knowledge preached by Him. The Veda gives three adjectives to such divine spiritual knowledge. The first is ‘Truth’ (Satyam Jnanam), the second is ‘Infinite’ (Anantam Brahma) and the third is ‘Excellent’ (Prajnanam Brahma). The true, infinite and excellent knowledge indicates the Lord.


The knowledge is true because the Lord need not tell lies to please the people. The human preachers tell lies to please the people and get some favor from them. The Lord has no such necessity. In fact, all the human beings are at the mercy of the Lord to get some favor from Him. Hence, the Lord will always speak the truth whether you like it or not. Generally, truth always causes disliking. The knowledge is infinite because the Lord will effectively clear the doubts of infinite number of devotees and hence, the knowledge becomes infinite.


The true concept is always simple and brief. But, the doubts on it are many. Hence, the simple true knowledge becomes infinite, when it takes the form of clarifications given to several corners. The knowledge is excellent because the presentation of knowledge by the Lord is simply tremendous. The way of explanation of the concept is impossible to any other human being. Therefore, you have to recognize the Lord by such spiritual knowledge alone. Miracles should not be taken as signs of the Lord because even the demons blessed by the Lord exhibit such miracles. Of course, the miracles are only due to the power of the Lord only. But, the Lord grants such powers to the devotees.

The only power that cannot be transferred to anybody is the true infinite and excellent spiritual knowledge. The devotees are always after the powers and not after such knowledge. Hence, you need not blame the Lord for not transferring such knowledge to a devotee.



Therefore, the Lord keeps up this spiritual knowledge alone with Him as His inseparable sign. You can recognize the Lord through such inseparable sign. However, you should not mistake such knowledge as the Lord Himself or as the inherent characteristic of the Lord. The Veda stated the knowledge as the Lord since the possessor of an item can be called by that item. The possessor of apples is called as apples. The married lady wears yellow thread in her neck. You can always recognize the married lady through such inseparable yellow thread. But, the yellow thread is not the inherent characteristic of the married lady like her colour, beauty, etc.


You can treat the yellow thread as almost the inherent characteristic, but, it is not really the inherent characteristic. Since God is unimaginable, His inherent characteristics must be also unimaginable. Therefore, the spiritual knowledge, which is mentioned as the sign of recognition of God, is only inseparable-imaginable characteristic but, not the unimaginable inherent characteristic. The knowledge is received and understood by you and hence, cannot be unimaginable. It can be inseparable because the Lord always keeps it with Himself without transfer since no devotee is serious about such transfer.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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