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Whether knowledge can be transferred from God?


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Whether knowledge can be transferred from God?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

[February 6, 2011 Mr Anil from Mumbai asked that even the divine knowledge can be transferred to a devotee, if the devotee desires for it, just like the power to do a miracle is transferred to a desiring devotee.]


Swami replied: It is said that knowledge is power. Knowledge is the best form of the power. Knowledge always does the greatest miracle of transforming a person in the wrong path to a devotee in the right path. Such transformation is the greatest among all the miracles, if you realize the real value of a miracle. When God transfers the power of knowledge or other forms of powers to do other types of miracles, the ability of balancing that power according to the situation and the capacity of the administration of the power in a proper talented way lies with God only. Even if God transfers the power of knowledge, the answer given by a devotee cannot be equal to the answer given by God.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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